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  • Update 1.8.6 - March 26th, 2016

    • Upgraded to 4.1.19 (update to coming soon)


    Update 1.8.5 - September 23rd, 2016

    • Edited the registration page to show a warning for potential account dupers.
    • Added Skype/GitHub/Discord profile information fields.
    • Added Skype/GitHub/Discord profile icons to show in posts.


    Update 1.8.4 - September 13th, 2016

    • Fixed a MySQL thing.
    • Fixed guest permissions on the trackers. One of them was visible to guests while the other wasn't.
    • Apparently site loads really fast in Microsoft Edge? No seriously, try visiting WebFlake with it and browse some pages.
    • Donators and higher can now customize their user title. To do this click your name and go to Account Settings.
    • And i fucking forgot the process i did with the emojis and the things so no new groups have been added.
    • Does anyone even read these? If you're out there: I started secretly working on the new WF skin :smiley_z: 


    Update 1.8.3 - July 4th, 2016

    • Happy 4th of July!
    • Completed some ongoing image optimization maintenance.
    • Replaced our category icons by FontAwesome equivalents.
    • :bear: 


    Update 1.8.2 - July 1st, 2016

    • Fixed background picker issues.
    • Removed pigus from my profile.
    • Optimized ALL .jpeg, .jpg and .png images on our site.
    • ALL OF THEM.


    Update 1.8.1 - June 19th, 2016

    • Made some rad changes to our skin.
    • Added a background picker with 10 different backgrounds.


    Update 1.8 June 12th, 2016

    • Wow two updates in one day?!
    • Updated our server's PHP version to 5.6
    • Updated our IPB version to the latest one
    • Reverted some earlier tweaks to PHP settings.
    • Reverted some earlier tweaks to NGiNX settings.
    • Replaced all of our emoticons with emoji.
    • :pig: Oink!
    • Removed everyone's signature.
    • Trying to fix the signature bug. Please read announcement.


    Update 1.7 April 30th, 2016

    • Upgraded to latest IPS version
    • Updated anti-spam protection to latest version. And stay out!
    • Replaced Mandrill with Sparkpost - which fixes the validation e-mails not being sent.
    • Created base theme and applied WF touches so we're up to date on that regard i guess.
    • Removed kebab.


    Update 1.6.2 February 22nd, 2016

    • Removed all CAPTCHAs from registration page.
    • Removed all Question/Answer challenges.
    • Added better anti-spam protection. No more bots!


    Update 1.6.1 February 3rd, 2016

    • Added data1 and data2 subdomains for connection distribution between resources.
      • Currently avatars and theme resources (css/js) are now served from these subdomains.
    • Added KappaClaus, KappaRoss, SmokeWeed, as emotes.
    • Rebooted the server after 215 days of uptime!


    Update 1.6 January 24th, 2016

    • Updated to the latest IPS version. Yay updates.
    • Added icons to the IPS menu for extra coolness.
    • Added HTTPS through the entire site, this means:
      • Any page you're sending data through or getting data from is encrypted.
      • The login page connection is always encrypted.
      • Some forum threads etc may not show up as encrypted, unfortunately theres no way to refresh them to use the imageproxy.
    • Got some cool people to join the uploader team, woot!
    • Watched some netflix, didn't chill though.


    Update 1.5.2 January 1st, 2016

    • Removed the holiday skins, cya next year (in hopefully a better shape)
    • Removed the progress bar from skins, too silly to keep updating between versions.
    • Happy new year!


    Update 1.5.1 December 15th, 2015

    • Added all the other groups' group badges.
    • Added holiday skin (with snow!) to WebFlake, Happy Holidays!
    • Removed some excess ponies.


    Update 1.5 October 13th, 2015

    • Another silent update, more tweaks to MySQL and PHP have been done - monitoring performance of this over the next few days.
    • Undone the serverside download serving tweaks and delayed them till above monitoring shows results.
    • Rearranged a bit of the progress bar coding. Also made it slightly less blue.
    • Updated some PHP components that interacted with MySQL to their latest versions.
    • Added a techy stuff forum under off-topic lounge, for news etc. regarding tech/gadgets/etc.
    • Added more things to our to-do list. New skin hype?
    • Still working on the donator system, might do this slightly different cause it turns out it's being a little bitch.
    • Scratched an itch on my arm while typing this sentence with one hand.


    Update 1.4 - October 7th, 2015

    • This was mostly a behind the scenes update regarding MySQL and PHP.
    • Slight serverside tweaks to how file uploads work.
    • Tiny skin tweak that added a progress bar on pages because why not, Google did it.
    • Added the Donation system link to the navigation bar [WIP]


    Update 1.3 - July 12th, 2015

    • Removed the OLD Donator group that was still around.
    • Upgraded the suite to from 4.0.7.
    • Said goodbye to some old staff members, thanks for everything!
    • Removed Mountains theme for the moment and resorted back to default.
    • This time i killed some other bug, don't know what it was but it's dead now. I hate bugs.


    Update 1.2.3 - June 21st, 2015

    • Added the "Website Script" section on WebFlake. A place for other (unsupported) web scripts.
    • Added appropriate Download subcategories for Website Scripts.
    • Patiently and single handedly moved every "Website Scripts" file in Downloads to it's appropriate sub-category (if any)
    • Moved Programming and Coding to Website Scripts section from Webmasters.
    • Added "Servers" to Webmasters section for info/discussion/tutorials regarding (web)servers.
    • Disabled signatures for now, they were causing lag on some pages. :(
    • Threw out all emoticons and got fresh ones in a single emoticon set.
    • Killed a moth that was flying around my room. I hate moths.


    Update 1.2.2 - June 16th, 2015

    • Expanded our social media presence by adding a Twitter feed to our error pages and sidebar.
    • Implemented Single Sign On feature using Gmail and Twitter after feedback from the community.
    • Server upgrade! WebFlake is now much faster, much more responsive, and should offer better uptime.
    • Usergroup formatting is now displayed site-wide.
    • Signature permissions have now been enabled for Advanced members and above.


    Update 1.2.1 - June 7th, 2015

    • Removed priority levels from the Tracker; also removed the "Future" status tag.
    • Added our newly built-from-scratch Feature Plan, modeled after the IPS4 Feature Plan.
    • Added a notification modal alerting asking for support on behalf of FFTF in putting a stop to SOPA 2.0
    • Reduced the size of the online indicator in topic view.


    Update 1.2 - June 4th, 2015

    • WebFlake has been upgraded to version 4.0.7.
    • Added redirect forum ("Site Bugs & Suggestions") beneath Site Questions.
    • Added a new sub-forum ("Community Input") beneath Announcements and Updates. This forum will be used exclusively for discussions and polls related to potential changes to WebFlake, including future updates.


    Update 1.1.1 - June 2nd, 2015

    • Comments on files have been disabled. You may now submit a review only after you have downloaded the file.
      • NOTE: do not use reviews as a means to seek support.
    • Feedback, Ideas & Questions forum has been renamed to Site Questions. If you have questions regarding WebFlake, post it there.


    Update 1.1 - May 29th, 2015
    A handful of these updates were made yesterday, so you may already be aware of them.

    • Updated Chatbox to v1.0.13 (sound toggle now saves properly).
    • Added forum icons.
    • Guests and Inactive Members can no longer upload files.
    • Emoticons should now be working properly.
    • Default flood control for posting is now 30s.
    • Guests can no longer post threads or replies.
    • Given the limited content we had for xenForo 1.3 and the fact that 1.4 is available, xenForo 1.3 content has been removed.
    • Restructured our downloads database... read more


    Update 1.0 - May 27th, 2015

    • Updated to IP.Board (yay!)
    • Follow member options added. You can now select which content you'll be alerted to when following another member.
    • Social links to our official Facebook and Twitter can now be found at the bottom of the site.
    • Google+ integration added. Real names are not required.
    • Online indicator added to forum threads.
    • Stop Forum Spam implemented.
    • PM notice displays when composing a private message.
    • Shoutbox has been temporarily replaced by Chatbox until we acquire a stable release of Shoutbox. Guests, Inactive Members and Members do not have access. You'll need to be an Advanced Member or higher (50 posts minimum) for access. This is temporary until we switch to Shoutbox.
    • Auto Welcome feature updated to reflect changes to the site.
    • IP.Calendar and IP.Blog have been implemented for future community involvement.
    • Inactive Members no longer have access to viewing the Downloads database.
    • Support for legacy xenForo products, 1.2.x and lower, has been dropped.
    • xenForo, IP.Board and WordPress Support forums have been converted to the IPS4 Q&A style.. read more