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Selling ONI'S SHOP — Custom IPS Products & Services

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IPS Products & Services:
Prebuild IPS Themes
Only for IPS 4.5 or higher, coming soon.

Prebuild IPS Applications and Plugins

Custom IPS Themes, Applications and Plugins
You want a unique forum theme or can't find a plugin that suits your needs? Let's make your ideas a reality!

GFX Services:
Avatars, Icons and more!

Additional Services:
Performance Optimization - $5.00
Whether Task Configuration, Site Caching or External Storage Systems, we'll find the right solution for every situation.

Payment Method: Apps-Paypal-B-icon.pngPayPal,  Discord: discord-icon.pngOni#8415

In the near future I will create some topics as a showcase and link them here so that you can take a look at my work and decide whether it is worth your money or not. ;)


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Massive vouch for Oni, after posting a help topic related to IPB forum services he reached out to me and dedicated hours of his time to my request. I would order his services based solely on the fact his correspondence and ability to work one on one with a client is stellar. Oni provided me with documentation of code, complete with examples of usage as well as went out of his way to improve functionality in other areas of my forum he noticed without charge. 


On top of this, he was extremely FAIR with his pricing and if I could say so myself, he charges extremely less than I think he should and with his experience ranging from way before the first version of IPboard you should have 0 worries trusting Oni to take care of your web system!


Thanks once again for your help Oni, hope your shop is succesful!

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I met @Oni here who approached me and helped me a lot and didn't want to be charged for his help from the installation until today he accompanies me in the forum and gives me tips on what I can do better, the prices for the applications are okay too Bugs or other errors can be found out quickly


thank you very much and hope that you will get many new customers


can only recommend you


Excuse my english

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Recently i upgraded my forum to 4.5.3 from 4.4.x
from that upgradation i missed one of my major application .......and i searched a lot way to get one for 4.5 version but sadly i didnt get it....then i contacted many other ips forum staffs as well as some guy from here tooo......but they all said that there is no way to rebuild / fix this application to 4.5 without dev...everyone excussed me like this way...
and Finally guys,  i met this @Oni from here......we talked regarding this application issue....and i thought this guy will also reply same like others...but he just surprised me.....within 15 minutes he just fixed my application major issue for free.......i already offered him $ but frankly saying this guy is not a greedy man for money......he keeps refused my offer.....he's just GOAT , i've ever met from here.........and i have a humble request to @Tony , this guy is a gem for webflake.sx if you keep him within your team........words cant describe how talnted he is! 

This guy is 100% legit, NO Money Grabber, Very Loyal, and after-all highly skilled guy here
i promise , he'll solve all your problem and you can trust him! 

once again i am soo thankfull to meet such an amazing talented guy like you @Oni

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Added a new plugin for IPS 4.5 to the shop:

Author Background 1.0.0

This plugin displays a background image in the info panel of a user, uploaded and set by the administrator or user itself.

  • Settings.  These are the available Settings options:
    • Enable/Disable
    • Gradient Type (3 options)
    • Background Size
  • Permissions.  These are the available Permission options:
    • Everyone can upload and set backgrounds
    • Only specific member's can upload and set backgrounds
    • Only specific member groups can upload and set backgrounds




Price: $10.00

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