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In an effort to continue expanding our community with recent releases of currently supported software and the introduction of new software, we are going to start discontinuing support for older software that is no longer updated by its developers. There are simply too many security risks involved with using outdated software, specifically PHP and MySQL. Using legacy software is strongly discouraged and doing so could pose a significant threat to your community and/or hosting environment.

As a courtesy to our legacy users, we will be providing this area for those users to seek peer-to-peer support from other members within the community. If you need assistance with your legacy software, would like a file for it, or just want to discuss it in general, it belongs here (in the appropriate software sub-forum).

You will be required to tag your post according to the topic purpose: support, file request, tutorial, or discussion.

Staff will continue to monitor discussions here to ensure our community guidelines are being followed but Staff is not obligated to lend assistance with any of the topics in these legacy forums. We do not have any specific moderators or support team members assigned to this area.

We will continue accepting new content as it is submitted to our Legacy Software category.

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