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Rank upgrade plugin.

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I don't think that's plugin, but just custom code and design  - after buying VIP they just got configured Member group with all written content in the box what you can change in your ACP..

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PM me the site. Ill look at it and ill give you guys the code. easy to code stuff like this. if you want custom pages like that just let me know.

when I load your site, I was like a vampire, slept for thousands of years and just now is my first glimpse of light haha.

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is the donation bloc by default in ips you can have him only if commerce is activate on your ips, he show :

  • donation goal
  • button for make donation
  • and the description of the subscribe

all have been stylising by the author with css only

Best Regards

French webdesigner in camel Design, Support, help and tutorials in : Forum Camel Design.

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