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We're just as excited as you are to try new features and be at the forefront of leading innovation. However, with new content comes new issues. Before you use the latest beta release for IPS Community Suite, and this forum, we want to cover a few things.


This is a Beta product...

WebFlake cannot guarantee that a beta release will work properly with your hosting environment or that third-party applications and plugins will be compatible with the latest beta release. Be sure to maintain recent backups in the event that you encounter these sort of issues.


Beta releases are not fully supported...

Our IPS Beta forum is strictly peer-to-peer, meaning, Staff cannot guarantee timely or absolute solutions to any issues that may arise for you. We will do our best but it is much easier to provide support for a polished product than it is for something that is just exiting in-house testing.


Our guidelines still apply here...

With one exception: we don't allow topic bumping in this forum. We won't issue warning points for violating this rule as it may be confusing for some but if you make a habit of bumping topics in this forum, you will start to receive greater account penalties.


We do not know the release date...

We're going to be asked this, a lot. We can tell you now that we don't know any more than you do. When IPS feels comfortable with transitioning from beta to release, they'll announce it on their blog which, additionally, is also your go-to source for information on beta releases and the newest features.


With that said, I cannot stress enough the importance of backups and to avoid using a beta release in a live environment. We are not responsible for user error.

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