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Hosting Cheap Hosting

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Hello There :) 
I would like to share with you a web host that i am really pleased with! 
They are very supportive and help with everything there is. And they respond fast as well! 

Used them 6 months now

Excellent Service also offshore they allow nearly everything on there server :)

Great server prices and quality service all round.Had no problems whatsoever.Highly recommended.

Customer score for Hostworx.org
Reliability 9.0 / 10
Pricing 10 / 10
User Friendly 9.0 / 10
Support 9.0 / 10
Features 10 / 10




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aside from their website being a bit broken it looks good, thanks for sharing

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I want to share my hosting company.
Before months ago my site was attacked by strangers via Ddos attack and my old hosting provider can't block attacks from strangers and i moved my forum to the another hosting company with very very cheap price's and with 500 gbs Ddos protection. 

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