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IPS 4.3 i got error error code ex:1000


i got this error how can i fix st84JtcA.png

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I see this was posted 3 weeks ago, but you were active a few days ago. So if by some chance this is still an issue you are dealing with you can perhaps get some help. If not, carry on.

This page you are seeing is displayed in IPS when the template it attempts to load/compile contains PHP errors within it and cannot be properly compiled. Double check that every PHP tag 

  • {{if}}
  • {{else}}
  • {{endif}}
  • {{for}}

and every other one has a proper opening and closing tag. If you're pulling your hair out over this, check your error log by IPS located in the /uploads/monthly_YEAR_MONTH/ for a bigger break down on what's happening. It should even tell you the exact code issue within the template if it's function related. If the error is something along the lines of "Unexpected end of file", the the issue is you're missing a closing PHP tag like listed above. If the error is something along the lines of "Method does not exist" or "Unknown Function", it means that one or more of the functions called inside the template Example: $content->reputation() became $content->reactionCount() during one of the major builds of IPS, things like this will throw issues if you're not using the correct version of the theme due to inconsistent method names in IPS. (Side note: Thanks a lot IPS for randomly renaming functions and not keeping the legacy names in for compatibility.)

If you still can't figure out what's causing it, reply with the error log file (remove any sensitive information inside, if any) and I or someone else can try and help you further.

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The problem is, chatbox not working with the theme and some other plugins.


When I use a clean site without add-ons then run the theme without errors 

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