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accidentally delete your administrative account

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little guide to help you get your account back

If you accidentally delete your administrative account from the administrative control panel in Invision Power Board, you will need to register on your forum and access the forums database in order to make your newly-registered account an administrator. Follow the steps below to do this:

Register for an account on your forum.

If your forum is hosted on cPanel hosting, log in to cPanel and find the phpMyAdmin function.

In phpMyAdmin, from the left, find the database which is associated with your forum. If you don’t know what this is, you will need to go to the File Manager in cPanel (or log in to your website through FTP, if you know how to do this) and find where your forum is installed and open the conf_global.php file. The $INFO[‘sql_user’] is the database you need to look at in phpMyAdmin. Your database name in the file may be listed as “username_forum” or something similar. Your database in phpMyAdmin will be listed as “_forum” in this case. Likewise, if it is listed as “username_ipb” it will be listed as “_ipb” in phpMyAdmin. Open the database from phpMyAdmin by clicking on it.

Find the ipb_members table from the left of the next screen. From the right-side make sure you are on the Browse tab and you’ll see your account listed. Click the Edit link and find the “member_group_id” column. The value will currently be 1 – change this to 4 (administrator).

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Indeed it is an excellent tip in case of disaster for the erasure of our rank of administrator.

I tested this solution by creating a ghost member on my site and gave it a moderator rating. After checking in my administrative panel IPS, I could see the effectiveness of your little tutorial mr-pimpen.

Thank you for this sharing that will be very useful to "heads in the air" or just for those who want to repair an error committed by a second admin with full powers who would have deleted your rank or account inadvertently or other ...

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