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Many errors in forum


Hello, after doing a server migration my forum started giving many errors, when editing themes or when I export the list of members.
Look below the mistakes I get:


SELECT * FROM `forumnexus_member_subscription_packages` AS `nexus_member_subscription_packages` ORDER BY sp_position
IPS\Db\Exception: Table 'u383005713_forum.forumnexus_member_subscription_packages' doesn't exist (1146)
#0 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\Node\\_Mod...', Array, true)
#1 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery()
#2 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Db\_Select->setKeyField('sp_id')
#3 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Node\_Model::nodesWithPermission(NULL, NULL, Array)
#4 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Node\_Model::roots('view', NULL, Array)
#5 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_Node->html()
#6 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->rowHtml(Object(IPS\Helpers\Form))
#7 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\_Form->__toString()
#8 [internal function]: IPS\core\modules\admin\members\_members->IPS\core\modules\admin\members\{closure}(Array)
#9 /home/u383005713/domains/ call_user_func(Object(Closure), Array)
#10 /home/u383005713/domains/ : eval()'d code(1497): IPS\Helpers\_Wizard->__toString()
#11 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Theme\class_core_admin_global->globalTemplate('d87b990a4346876...', Object(IPS\Helpers\Wizard), Array)
#12 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call('globalTemplate', Array)
#13 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\_Dispatcher->finish()
#14 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard->finish()
#15 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
#16 {main}
RuntimeException: FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0)
#0 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\File\_FileSystem->contents()
#1 [internal function]: IPS\_Theme->IPS\{closure}(Object(IPS\File\FileSystem))
#2 /home/u383005713/domains/ call_user_func(Object(Closure), Object(IPS\File\FileSystem))
#3 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->validate()
#4 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_Upload->validate()
#5 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->setValue(true)
#6 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->__construct('core_theme_set_...', Object(IPS\File\FileSystem), false, Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'core_theme_set_...')
#7 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Helpers\Form\_Upload->__construct('core_theme_set_...', Object(IPS\File\FileSystem), false, Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'core_theme_set_...')
#8 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\_Theme->form(Object(IPS\Helpers\Form))
#9 [internal function]: IPS\Node\_Controller->_addEditForm(Object(IPS\Theme))
#10 /home/u383005713/domains/ : eval()'d code(98): call_user_func_array('parent::_addEdi...', Array)
#11 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Node\advancedtagsprefixes_hook_nodeSettings->_addEditForm(Object(IPS\Theme))
#12 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Node\_Controller->form()
#13 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()
#14 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\Node\_Controller->execute()
#15 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\core\modules\admin\customization\_themes->execute()
#16 /home/u383005713/domains/ IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
#17 {main}

I try to edit HTML and Css from themes and not receive any info:



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Could be a multitude of reasons, including the above and

  • bad permissions
  • server misconfiguration, as you migrated
  • database was migrated incorrectly/in wrong format

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Check your config and .htaccess files and make sure the URL are the same as the directory the software is in.

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The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.

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