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Selling $5-30: IPS Installation | Web-server Configuration | Domain & DNS Help | & More

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Having trouble setting up your new installation of IPS? Are you or do you...

- Run into errors when uploading IPS files to your server?
- Not sure how to create a MySQL database?
- Need a tried-and-true web host that meets your needs?
- Having domain issues?
- Not sure how to configure your server with Apache or NGINX?
- Want a FREE SSL certificate so your site shows up as HTTPS?
- Want help setting up DDoS protection?

- Need quick HTML/CSS/Theme tweaks or fixes?
- Have other related issues setting up your website?
- Want a website but are not sure how to get started?

I can help you out!
Price: $5-30 (via PayPal or Bitcoin, depending on services required.)
Response Time: Fast (< 24 hours)
Contact: PM me on WebFlake or send me message on Discord (mR12#3227)

Setting up any forum software can be more complicated than people like to admit, especially on new servers that have not been tweaked and configured properly to run the software. I offer a quick and easy installation of IPS in addition to other services that optimize server performance and security such as a free SSL certificate and Cloudflare DNS if you so desire them.

I aim to take the headache and countless hours out of trying to set up your site so that you don't have to worry about server-side issues and can focus on what matters most: your site!

About Me

- I am a former member of the WebFlake Support Team
- I have been using IPS since 2013, first from the perspective of a member, then onto a moderator, then onto an admin. And now, a webmaster and server manager. I have been at all levels and I know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out how to set up your site, when you're eager to get to work on designing it and installing plugins and themes.
- With this 3/4-year experience level I have run into so many errors I couldn't even being to count. Hours upon hours I have spent working through these on my own forum which runs happily on IPS.
- I've received bad help over the years for people who were very unresponsive and un-caring about helping me. I strive to be as helpful as possible and answer any and all questions.
- I will tell you exactly what I am doing on your server step-by-step so that you understand exactly what I am doing. No secrets!

What I Need From You

Depending on what you need help with, I will obviously need FTP details and/or SSH access to your server. If you don't know what those things are, then you really need my help! :) If you're running a managed server (cPanel, Plesk, etc.) I would need access to that. If you're not comfortable sharing those details, it will be hard to help you, but not impossible. Just send me a PM and we can work things out one way or another!

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On 12/5/2018 at 7:57 AM, ikaros_90 said:

I do not share the same opinion, and I do not believe that a warning to censure the freedom of expression. I keep saying from the respect and my opinion, that it is a pretty high price, anyone is free to choose where to throw their money (I hope you do not censor me as before).

From the Marketplace Guidelines:


When providing a feedback on a user's service, do not flame the user or attempt to discredit them based on price. You are not obligated to purchase their service, so you have no right to complain about their chosen pricing.

You clearly do not require my services, so what purpose does it serve for you to come on here and discredit me based on my pricing?

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