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Fancy Animated Tags Generator

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sharing an update to make it look more better 

BIG UPDATE: You can use my online generator HERE animated-tags

In this tutorial I will show you how to create animated tags:

You will need to download attached file -  sparkles.zip   293.2K   101 downloads then place it somewhere to your IPS FTP folder I placed it inside uploads folder.
In next step you will need to go to your Admin CP, then go to Members > Groups > Select group you want to edit for animated tag > Click on Edit button > You will need to put this content inside Group Formatting

this content inside Group Formatting

<span style='color: #9572ff; background: url(http://your-website.com/uploads/sparkles/sparkle_purple.gif); font-weight: bold;'>

Group Name



(Remember to replace your-website.com with your website!)

As color you can use HEX color, find colors here: http://www.color-hex.com/ and as sparkle image (in our example it was sparkle_purple.gif) you can use anything from this list:

sparkle_green_light.gif, sparkle_blue.gif, sparkle_brown.gif, sparkle_red.gif, sparkle_green.gif,
sparkle_lime.gif, sparkle_blue_light.gif, sparkle_white.gif, sparkle_yellow_light.gif, sparkle_grey.gif,
sparkle_orange.gif, sparkle_teal.gif, sparkle_purple.gif, sparkle_yellow.gif, sparkle_pink.gif,
sparkle_pink_light.gif, fire_navy.gif, fire_pink.gif, fire_orange.gif, fire_brown.gif, fire_purple.gif, fire_blue.gif,
fire_lime.gif, fire_red.gif, fire_white.gif, fire_black.gif, fire_green.gif, fire_teal.gif, fire_grey.gif

You can also remove font-weight: bold if you don't want to have your name bold.
Then click Save and you are done!

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This'll come in handy for some people! I used those animations before, but not anymore.

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