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Selling Jeffrey's Tip Jar

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Jeffrey    114
Posted (edited)

Let's start the thread off by introducing myself. My name is Jeff and I am 18 years old. I currently live in Dallas, Texas (U.S) where I am working on my major in Computer Science. I look forward to working at a corporate office or within a game studio on a team of website/software developers. Since WebFlake doesn't pay me for provide free support, I am opening my tip jar. Free Support on WF will continue, so don't worry. I am opening this for those who appreciate my time and help for free.

I will be in-charge of;

  • Install forum
  • Install applications & plugins
  • Install themes
  • Customize themes
  • Customize plugins
  • Troubleshoot


  • 3+ Years with IPS Community Forums
  • 6+ Months WebFlake Support Team
  • 2+ Years of HTML, CSS, and PHP Knowledge.

Tip Jar

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer


Any questions can be private messaged to me on the forums.

Kind regards,
- Jeff

Edited by Jeffrey
re-vamped thread for tip jar
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xodiak    12

competent user, he helps and takes his time. I'm glad to know him!

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Setesh    3

Only recently acquainted myself with Jeffrey, however I have known for a little over 2 years from working in the same sort of community. I'm actually jealous of about 95% of the work he does and is definitely worth giving that extra buck for what he does. He does it for free and few bucks and here and there definitely doesn't hurt.


Good man, better developer.

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