Limited time Donation special — first come, first serve!
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Contact @Davlin with questions or comments.

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Limited Time Donation Special + Bonus

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Davlin    2,283

After speaking with @Phun, he's agreed to allow me to run a donation special. This is a limited time event.

NOTE: do not make the donation through our normal donation page. If you are interested in this promotion, you'll need to contact me (@Davlin) directly via PM. Donations made through our donation module will still be honored but you will not be eligible for the discount or the bonus. I will be handling this promotion myself.

Available promotions:

  1. Upgrade to the Snow tier for $20 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($5 discount).
  2. Upgrade to the +Blizzard tier for $35 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($15 discount).

Oblivion Light is the theme WebFlake is currently using ($20 USD value). As the theme will not be publicly released here on WebFlake, this is an exclusive donator special.

If you need a refresh on what our donator tiers offer, be sure to visit this link:

Please direct any questions or comments to me directly via PM.

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Norg    18

This is a great deal, especially for those who would like unrestricted access to downloads.

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