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Spam protection: blocking by the IP-list via nginx.conf

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1. Open for editing the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and add after http {

    include /etc/nginx/blockips.conf;
        where /etc/nginx/ - path to the blockips.conf file from the server root.

http {
    include /etc/nginx/blockips.conf;

2. Create a text file called blockips.conf with the encoding UTF-8 in the Notepad ++.

3. Add a list of blocked IP addresses to the blockips.conf file by the sample below (there are several possible options):

deny 2a02:748:b000:3:a87a:866d:94f0:ffbe;
deny 2a02:748:b000:3:a87a:866d:94f0:ffbe/22;


Tools for creation of a list of blocked IP addresses:
    1) Live blacklist ipv4/ipv6 addresses database for the last 10 days:
    2) Recently submitted by users ipv4/ipv6 addresses database:
    To quickly edit the list above use the Notapad++:
        - press Ctrl+H to open the automatic replacement window.
        - mark the Extended checkbox in the opened window.
        - further replace \r with ;
        - further replace \n with \ndeny(blank)
        - you should get the following result:


    Additional tools for creation of a list of blocked IP addresses:
    3) Subnet calculator:
    4) IP to CIDR:
    5) Creating an IP list in the CIDR format by countries: (find the "Country IP listing" on the right side, select a country and CIDR).
4. Upload the blockips.conf file to the server by ssh, set CHMOD 644 on it via any file manager.

5. Restart Nginx, for example, by the terminal command: service nginx restart

6. Periodically update the IP-list, at least once per month.

PS A sample file was added with the list of blocked IP addresses and also the addition of the Ukraine IP-range below  (the addition of Ukraine is greatly reduced the number of spammers on my sites, but this is purely individual).


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