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Little Monsters

Reverse Engineer This Output?

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On another forum they have a "bot" that you PM something (like a steam key) to and it creates a post in a specific thread with a line of text (let's call it the 'output key') that users can then copy and PM back to the bot and it enters you into a randomised raffle draw. Whoever wins automatically receives a new PM from the bot with the steam key that was originally provided.

The source for it can be found here:

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a programme where you paste in the 'output key' and it deciphers what the original steam key is, so I can get lots of free steam games without having to win the draw.

I thought it would help if I had some output keys and the corresponding steam keys so I've waited a while until I won a few (well, six) of the raffles.  (all of the steam keys I post have already been redeemed). The red text is the output key and the bold text is the steam key that generated the output.

The Dweller -- GB-dd23c09b-4f57-485a-ad65-f235f1196ba3 » 6ADM0-72ZKL-DNGYB
Passpartout: The Starving Artist -- GB-e3f3c294-8d33-468c-8032-0ff25a59eaa5 » 0C8A9-HILTM-KQPKA
else heart.break() [Humble Bundle] -- GB-ec14d9b8-385f-4a9d-85c7-f48487e2b8f0 »
Weird Park Trilogy -- GB-6d904d0f-770c-41bd-8e9a-98e6830a544f » YDHAQ-LX9RY-JGADW
Canyon Capers -- GB-e8798f08-9af3-4c7a-b8a2-88471705016f » 2DX9P-9J880-DYZ0K
Killing Floor -- GB-6fae5048-7f4c-495e-8642-a3e5dc77689a » WADWC-KVWQ8-NJKBG

As a bit of motivation, here are 25 [as of right now] unclaimed output keys to decipher and add to your library:

Crazy Machines 1.5 -- GB-284be488-e3ae-42c1-97dd-f960384a5a7f

Crazy Machines Elements -- GB-392a506d-9253-41f0-8e25-54ababc1563e
Trip to Vinelands -- GB-447e216e-e295-4c04-9ebe-bc3355d2cbce
Fearless Fantasy -- GB-2944af5d-b674-4eab-a50a-75d7b5bd951c
Deadlight -- GB-86ad9b50-4df2-4812-adea-46f8d6af87b6
Plantera -- GB-eb2e2362-15fe-4d4e-a1d2-04ddcc519361
Dungeon of Elements -- GB-31dc610e-3cb9-45b9-b26b-651ba3ecc4f3
House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition -- GB-b9236d31-ba8f-4b4c-a799-24b5eaa925df
House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition -- GB-75827bf6-1588-4164-aa9c-31c273905e34
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura -- GB-dad50b45-941c-482b-885d-d47009e6baa2
Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind Platinum Edition -- GB-3dfcbfb1-4787-473f-b157-0d155b11b493
Haunted -- GB-d3816426-a286-4de2-b322-a6aa69728fa3
Small Town Terrors Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition -- GB-9860f93b-647e-4ad1-9ee2-38cdc03d53e8
Cooking Academy Fire and Knives -- GB-753ebf80-7a6a-4057-a84f-df13f4d4af2c
Alter Ego -- GB-ce218745-aa04-4169-b335-f9061dfbff76
Shadows: Price For Our Sins Bonus Edition -- GB-49df3048-ff01-43fa-a37c-841c55c2436f
Mata Hari -- GB-70bec7fb-08b1-4dd2-b399-ac54cde6a818
Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe -- GB-01290faf-861c-490a-aa7f-58e08f7de5bc
Mystery Masters: Psycho Train Deluxe Edition -- GB-469a9a64-6267-4d63-aa12-964a6385d07c
The Emptiness Deluxe Edition -- GB-e6d2cd1f-c15f-412a-a7c6-f33de9c6f5e5
Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection -- GB-36940b6a-0d2f-419e-8612-295657291123
Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Collector's Edition -- GB-b63dc26a-02fc-4d35-b3ac-5c19373005ef
rooMaze -- GB-d4be1973-bbac-4870-929a-22c8c612f370
Vindictive Drive -- GB-f3e3a758-287c-406c-be4a-45545d536abc
Black Sand Drift -- GB-b4a1ebff-045a-43cb-8a37-88b6005e5e9d

I look forward to seeing if this is possible.

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