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Show div or button on image hover

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<div class='post_body'>
	<div class='post entry-content '>
		<span rel='lightbox'>
			<img class='bbc_img' src="http://mysite.com/1.jpg">
		<span rel='lightbox'>
			<img class='bbc_img' src="http://mysite.com/2.jpg">
		<span rel='lightbox'>
			<img class='bbc_img' src="http://mysite.com/3.jpg">

How to show div or button on image hover? Not for all... Only for image that hovered.

Show button on image: top-right

The image name can be a random.

Need for IPB 3.4.9

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titcrunch    283

with css and class :hover like

bbc_img:hover {



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JeffyterS    2

You can do it with CSS3 or JavaScript/jQuery.

CSS3 Mode:

.bbc_img:hover ~.button (use your class css of the button) { display: block; }

in the css of the button, use display:none.

jQuery mode:


  $("#ID_IMAGE OR CLASS CSS").hover(function(){




Note: use " # " for IDs and " .CLASSNAME " for classes; If you want to Hide and Show on Hover and hover off, use toggle() instead of show();

You can ready the jQuery Applications in http://api.jquery.com/

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