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Lucidious's MyBB Assistance Thread

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Lucidious    6

Hi all, I decided to make this thread since I have a decent amount of free time during the week. Please note, this is not for plugin support, this is more or less for assistance in editing templates/settings.

I am more than willing to provide my assistance to help any and all setup their MyBB forum. I do have a decent amount of knowledge, but there are things that I haven't experienced yet, so it is still limited. But this service will be up as long as the MyBB sector is.

Please note, this is a first come/first serve basis. I will do each request in the order that it comes on the thread. If I simply cannot provide proper assistance, I will direct you to the next best place to get the proper assistance needed.

If it is urgent, feel free to PM me after posting on here on either Discord or the Forums. Do note that if you spam me regarding it, your request will be overlooked. One message is all it takes and I will respond when I am available

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