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Tutorial how to make forum

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Questune    0

hi good day im here again and i want to ask is there a full tutorial how to make a forum like this?


im sorry if wrong section

im sorry if dont do search so many topic here thats why i cant find what im looking for


im just new please guid me


i want to make a forum like this for my server please guide me if theres a dev who can make this for me and i pay for that contact me thank you so much

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titcrunch    283

you have some knowledge in cms install ?

  • if yes :  just donwload the last version and upload file on your server and launch the install for connect with your database and follow instruction
  • if no : contact a webmaster who make this for you

personnaly i make this proffesionnaly with offert :

  • 50€ for installed the community on your own server
  • 25€/month a complete community with hosting on dedicated server 
  • 250€ for installed, confiure and stylising the template with you custom choice
  • 250€ + 25€/month for a full install, configure, custom stylising and hosting

You can found a exemple here : https://forum.titcrea.fr

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