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Hello there,

I have been using Ip.Boards for about 4 years now. My community regularly purchases themes and addons and usually when I want to try something before purchasing I download it from here when it is available. My question is: How would I go about uploading content I have purchased from IP.B to here, without the chance of getting caught. Is there any "cd key" esk files within the addons so addon developers can tell who downloaded the addon from the ip.b site? Or is the zip the same for everyone.



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Just about everything on ip board 4.X is uploaded through the ACP usually TAR or XML files. 


and the ZIPs are the same for everyone. 

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I think normally the way they can track it, is either A) A personal generated ZIP file. So always extract and re-zip the file (without touching the files)

Make sure you don't use the same name or login information.

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Depending upon where you're sourcing the content, there are a few ways content authors have to connect you to any files you may release on WebFlake.

If you're downloading directly from the content author's own website, they can generate a unique hash that is appended to the file name to identify the downloader.

If you're downloading from the IPS Marketplace, you're not likely to encounter the above but content authors can still determine who you are by:

  • comparing usernames
  • comparing when the file was downloaded to the time it was submitted here (process of elimination)

These are just examples and not an all-inclusive list. Bottom line is, if you don't feel comfortable releasing a file, you can either send it to a Staff member to do so on your behalf or simply choose not to release it at all. You're under no obligation to share content with WebFlake but we certainly appreciate it when our users do!

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