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E-mail appearing in Junk Folder

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Goodmorning everyone,

I am unsure if others have this issue aswell. I am using the e-mail [email protected] for e-mails to forum members. For some reason some of them appear in the Junk Folder. I am using Office 365 and these e-mails are appearing in the Junk Folder. I tried to send it to a and mail adres and the mail gets moved to the Junk Folder. 

I have created a SPF record and some other records to verify that the SMTP server is allowed to send mails under that domain, but that didn't really work. I am kinda in the dark here. 

Does anyone know how you can prevent the mails getting moved to the Junk Folder instead of the Inbox?


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There can be quite a few reason how do to this so i would suggest to read this

and this

If people start mark it as spam, then it will be globally done, ask members of your community to make sure they report it as NOT spam that helps on top of DKP authentication etc.


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You might also want to do a blacklist check for the IP that you will be using.
But rather than setting your own mail servers, I recommend using a professional service if email delivery is important to you.
Getting you emails spammed will only get your IP blacklisted from more websites.

Here are some providers that have free tiers for their services and I have sorted them to my recommendation

Mailgun - 10K emails / month (need cc)
Sparkpost - 100K emails/month (need cc to activate, can remove later)
SendGrid - Not free, but you can get 15K free emails/month for 1 year using education for github pack
Amazon SES - $10/10K emails Practically Free because I only use about 3K emails per month on 3 different projects
Pepipost - 100 million emails free for 1 year (Read More )
Elastic Email - 150,000 free emails per month / 5,000 free emails per day


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Goodmorning @Shu and thanks for your response,

I'll have a look into these solutions. 

Yes for some reason the host is blocked in Spamhaus, but not every mail is appearing in the Junk Folder. I'll try to contact the host and ask them to try to get off the list. 

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