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WebFlake's Member of the Month

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We've just added the Member of the Month app and are ready to begin putting it to use. There are some rules and changes to be aware of, so read carefully!

How does it work?

  • Throughout the month, users will cast their vote for WebFlake's newest MOTM. At the end of the month, Phun or I will review the voting results and select the newest MOTM based on those results.
  • For example: the community will vote throughout the month of May and at the end of the month, a MOTM will be selected. That MOTM will be honored throughout the month of June. It works retroactively.

Who can vote?

  • Everyone except for Guests and Inactive Members.

Who can be nominated?

  • Everyone but Guests, Inactive Members, Newbies, and Retired Staff. You cannot vote for yourself either.

Where can I view the MOTM?

  • We'll have a widget displayed on the front page, positioned just below our Posts feed. There is also an Archive button displayed on that widget that will redirect you to webflake.sx/motm.

Are there any rules to this thing?

  • Do not create topics, status updates, or send PMs asking to be voted for (this includes Discord). There is no campaigning.
  • Do not attempt to bribe other users for votes or offer your vote in exchange for some sort of compensation.
  • Don't troll and vote for members who are banned, obnoxious, or otherwise undeserving.
  • Be humble.

When can I cast my first vote?

  • Voting will be available starting May 1st.
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4 hours ago, Stijn said:

The MOTM page shows the MOTM hasn't been updated in quite some time. https://webflake.sx/motm Is this still correct?

Unfortunately, we've neglected this system quite a bit, mostly because it's typically the same users being voted for each time. I have some ideas to breathe some new life into it in the coming weeks.

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