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Music Case

[EXPIRED]SSDapp VPS $10 Dedicated Servers $15

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Music Case    10

There's loads and loads of hosting companies like Hosting24 / Hostfanda etc which are dirt cheap in regards to hosting and reliability, however I often found that while their hosting plans are nice and cheap their Dedicated Servers or Virtual Servers are always over priced.

Then I found SSDapp which do VPS's from 7 Euros and Dedicated Servers from 15 Euros. They also can do domain registrations however they won't if it involves warez topics like "downloads" or "torrents" which is weird since the hosting is a warez supported host, however they do allow using cracked softwares as well as warez sites to be hosted on their servers.


  • 9 Euro: 210GB HDD, 6GB ram, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 18 Euro: " " double above
  • 36 Euro: " " double again etc

Dedicated Servers

  • 15 Euro: 160GB HDD, 2GB ram, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 30 Euro: " " double above etc

They also do Seedbox hosting for warez as well as Plex hosting.

Iv'e been using these now for roughly 6 years and iv'e never had any major issues with them, while tech support ain't top notch i find most problems can be resolved via Google anyways before even taking it to tech support.

Now a cheeky affiliate link :P


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Saviour    137
7 hours ago, Gh0S7 said:

The site's dns is not working m8

Looks like it's no longer active, the thread will be marked as expired.

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