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Website Link :

Date of Creation : Started in 1982 as a "Dial Up" service (MPTBBS) current forum format was started/created several years ago.

Site Description : The WWRHG web site is primarily about Hobbies, Muscle Cars, Radio, Electronics, Videos, Classic Movies, HAM Radio, CB Radio, Shortwave Radio, SWL, SDR, Computers and computer software etc. Recently added some IPB 3.x Tutorials

Is the site's design complete? Yes the design is complete and final and has multiple "themes" to choose from.

Is the site easily accessible? Yes, the site is hosted on a professional dedicated server

Is the site active? Yes, New content is added on a daily basis.

Does the site have content? Yes, Mostly Video Media.


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Any and all constructive comments and/or suggestions about my web site are always welcome :)

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