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What have the best SEO?

SEO capabilties  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. What have the best SEO

    • XF
    • IPB
    • WP

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I know... Content, content, content (and i forget to mention: Content) is the King for good SEO.

But i want to know, what scripts have the best SEO-Capabilities, for to "sell the content to search engines"...


- WP


- XF

What you think?

Thank you for your answer!

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I don't know about Xenforo, but Wordpress is really SEO friendly, Invision Power Boards on the other hand utterly suxx. No website meta description, if you google webflake, instead of finding a description such as community dedicated to ... , you'll find 

  • Site Questions · Site Bugs & Suggestions. Post any questions related to Webflakehere. 1,044: posts. I can no longer make downloads; By GuguGRP ...

so much for IPB SEO friendliness. I'm having the same issue on my website. I have the Portal Plugin set to default and instead of having a description, I have Jump to Content and the navbar menu in google's description...

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yeah...curios, that IPB have so much SEO deficits...

For me was curios, too, that i have pageviews every day growing, since i using SMF 2.0 - every day was coming more and more visitors!

In June 2012 i have 660 USD from Google Adverts!

Than, my site was hacked and i changed to vB. Than starts DDOS-Attacks. Two weeks, my site was offline!

After that, i was loosing 2/3 of my visitors.

Than i take himself the decession, to change to IPB. My biggest Mistake, maybe.

My Visitors drop down again almost 25 percent, losing more until now ...but the content from the registered Members growing.

But now, my site is not attractive for comercial advertivers like before.

In summary, i think IPB have the badest SEO. WP can only alive with plugins, and XF...i dont know...

About vB we dont need to talk anymore, since vB SEO is no longer active.

But contest is the king, told me an old admin - and he said, it is not depend from the script....



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Yeah I completely agree that content plays a huge role in SEO. In fact content is king in all kinds of online marketing techniques. I also a business owner and for my website I have also been running SEO and Adwords Management campaigns so have hired the best freelancer for creating the content to use in marketing.

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Posted (edited)

we talk about what ? because when i read word like : adwords, content, adsense or marketing in a seo discussion ... i laf a lot ^^

all are same that just depend of your skill ^^

  • ipb have good seo,  but need to be configurate correctly in manual
  •  WP is automatique at base for natural and can be upgrade with yoast but the best is yoast premium with more focus word
  • i don't know XF for talk of it

but in all case if you make your job correctly no problem, you have the same result at end for all at base you need all this meta :

  • title
  • description
  • og:title : same of title
  • og:description => same of description
  • og:image : image for social share in 1280x720
  • og:type => website
  • og:url => your domaine
  • og:locale => your primary language code : fr_FR for french (us-US, en_EN, ect..)

and that all ! no more are need ! (all og are for social share)

After that, the most presious action for ranking (and not seo ^^ is 2 different thing) is :

  • the oldest of your work ! change theme,plugin or content all day is very bad .. more oldest your content are ! more seo he take !
  • external backlink
  • internal linking
  • content formatting (bold, italic, heading title ...)
  • image alt title
  • and of course the speed of your page ^^ many forget that

make all this be patient and is good but forget adword or pay for trafic ect... is just a big virtual wind and that work only if you can pay all the long the day of your stop you lose all

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There isn't a "best".  You need to configure all the systems and they can make it great. So it really depends on what you need.

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Hello dear, you are absolutely right. These days SEO has become fundamental for the persistent success of your business. I am also using the same approach for my business and the out of so many techniques of SEO I am mostly targeting on PPC and Adwords Management.

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Wordpress takes the win on SEO. honestly, not a huge fan of ipb’s SEO system 

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I agree Wordpress is number one for SEO with a few adjustments, IPB isn't the best but can perform well with an active healthy community.

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I voted for wp, i think Yoast Seo have a completely customizable suite and advanced options.

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