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Support on WebFlake Customisations


Dear WebFlakians,

As we have seen a lot of topics regarding our customization, we will open this topic to prevent these topics from be created in the nearly future. It will save you (and us) a lot of time.

We simply do NOT provide any support on customization which has been used on WebFlake. We are an unique website, and we would like to stay unique. I have seen a lot of requests about our Feature Plan, which has been created by @Davlin.

Almost all features on this website has been customized by us and are not able to be downloaded (of course the basic files are like: Group Legend, Group Color on Userlink etc).

It does not mean you can not request support on files which are published on WebFlake. You are free to open a support topic if you have any questions regarding one of our files in our downloads system. (Even if they are published by any staff member of WebFlake).

If you are NOT sure about a question, please send a message to one of our staff members to be sure.
Please note: we do not offer support though private messages, neither do we in our shoutbox.

Any questions about this topic can be posted below.

Best regards,
Lost Frequencies.

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Every website wants to be UNIQUE and so do Webflake. There is nothing wrong with it. But, there are some things, which can be seen in Webflake but the idea of which is not 'UNIQUE' in its nature, like the 'Advertisement' section where javascripts from some online shopping carts like Amazon, Shopclues, Quikr etc. are being displayed. Many people like me wants to monetize their sites through such affiliations. Now, if someone seeks help on how these ad link can be embedded in IPB, he/she has to give the example of Webflake's Advertisement section. Now my question is, would this be a question answering which would hamper the uniqueness of Webflake? And believe me, there are lots of such issues which are not 'UNIQUE', but have been used in Webflake. If we need help on such 'Non-Unique' ideas, what should we do?

Well, what we mean with "customisations" is the fact some members are asking style-specific questions. You may ask questions about global "non-unique" items on our website. If they get answered by staff is the next step.

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On 1/7/2016 at 6:41 PM, DarKMaSk said:

Thank you. Now it got cleared and I support that style-specific questions should not be asked as well as should not be answered and if asked, should be advised not to ask such questions. :)

I assume this has already been cleared up however to clarify, if a user seeks support about adding advertisements to their sites then that is completely fine however support regarding site design/customization is what we are trying to steer clear of. 


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