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3 Tips To Boost Your WP Site/Blog Traffic

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Increase traffic and the number of visitors to the site or its WordPress blog is a constant concern of every good webmaster . It was nice to say that it is not the number of visitors that counts, but the quality of them and the relationship you have with them, we all have dreamed of seeing our numbers soar in Google Analitycs .


The miracle cure does not exist, if not to provide quality content , useful for the visitor and the day to day content . There is no magic formula , but there is still the ” tried and tested ” to bring more visitors to your ” WordPress ” website methods. Here are three of them , used by many WordPress experts to boost their traffic.


1. Optimize posts in the results of search engines.

A good page rank is good, but we must also be concerned with how your pages and posts appear in the query results in Google. Optimize the title and description of the content of the landing page is essential . An informative and clear as incentive to stick to what the user can search on Google. A description of the content of the article is also essential. This should give a clear idea of what they will find when they click on your link.


Customize title and description is a breeze with the



2. Submitting articles in connection with any new publication.

If this is not done or the theme you are using does not offer by default, here is a simple to increase the audience and especially the time that visitors spend on your site way. Should be offered at the bottom of each of your articles, links to other related articles that might interest your visitors. The idea is simple as pie, if you liked this article you will also probably like this one and this one.


Many plugins exist that will allow you to insert this little list of links to other articles at the end of your post. To be even more effective prefer those that offer links with thumbnails, click-through rate is higher.


Among these plugins, you can choose for example:


3. Retweet former articles.

We know the importance of social networks including Twitter traffic in a blog or site. However ephemeral glory. If you have a blog with many articles, a way to optimize your files on the network is to automate tweets linking your articles along with your Twitter account. The  Revive Old Post plugin makes this point of view wonders.


will retweet your old articles based on criteria that you define (categories, tags, etc..). You’ll also be able to set a pace of publication. So your old items will experience a new celebrity on the networks and probably new readers. 


Small precaution: all items of a blog does not necessarily lend themselves to a re-release of many months after their first visit. You can create a specific hash tag to tag items that seem retwitables. You then easy enough ask Revive Old Post to retweet the articles that have this hash tag.


So much for these three simple but effective ways to boost traffic your WordPress blog or site. Good luck!

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Interesting, thanks alot!


Keep in mind this tutorial is for Wordpress users, but if you want and have the knowledge you can use it for a forum too. :)

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For a better google ranking your site also needs to be Mobile ready. For that just install wp touch free or use the wordpress jetpack mobile site module!

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So the best possible rating you can try and push yourself to would be achieved through these steps (related articles, SEO editing, etc) AND having the site mobile-friendly, correct?

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Very useful. Having designed around 15 different WordPress sites, I can concur that these tips do indeed help a lot and you will do well if you heed them.

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i prefer yoast rather than all in one seo cause better google results are with yoast seo plugin and small social promotion to boost your website


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