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Found 182 results

  1. Question about this forum

    Hey i have question is this forum a ****?
  2. Donators Area

    Hey, was wondering as i'm donator but don't have access to Donators Area how can i have it?
  3. Donated before

    Donated $10 previously. I plan to donate more, just curious if that can be made my rank now, so I am able able to hit the ranks I want while still in my budget! Would highly appreciate it! Happy New Year Webflake!
  4. First off. I apologize if this is in the wrong area. I looked at all the forums and for the life of me could not determine where to post this question. The question is the title really. What does it mean to be "nulled" exactly? Does that just mean it wont ask for a license key? Or is there something more to it?
  5. How to add style?

    Hi Guys. I have file with .xml extension how i can import this style for my forum? If i wanna add this ip board command me add zip archive. So i get this .xml file to zip archive and upload but that doesn`t work :/ I use version. I dont know how i can do this,when i have only xml file. Sorry for my english and this question but i really don`t know how to do that,i cant search it.
  6. transfer server with error

    Hello i use IPS last version, today trasfer forum to another server, i can't load chatbox,can't post to forum
  7. Hello guys, i'm have problem with avatars. How to do that they are not rounded ? How looks rounded: Sorry bad english
  8. Language

    Is it allowed to speak Portuguese here?
  9. Download Link

    Hey, can i use an other download link like a direct link from my webhost or do i have to use webfakes one?
  10. inactive member

    Do you have automatic tool for put in active member category or someone can put me on active member ? Thanks
  11. Sub-Forum Manager

    hello i need help to find info or maybe plugin Sub-Forum Manager for IPS Community Suite v4.1.8.1 Sub-Forum Manager is from vbulletin name please help
  12. Donation is not working?

    Sorry, my bad. Please close this topic or remove it.
  13. WF Theme

    Hi there, I really liked the theme you are using here. Just wondering if you can tell us the name of it or if it is available in the Downloads. Thank you very much!
  14. Anyone can please post any of the below themese for IPS 4? Zeron - Amazing playing style for IPS 4 1.0.4 URL: Click here (VN41) Veizor - Innovative gaming style 1.3 URL: Click here(VN41) Matter - Google Material for IPS 1.0.3URL: Click here
  15. Donator Rank

    Hey, I'm wondering if I can download unlimited files with the donator rank :s
  16. I have 15 posts but still unable to make a request in the IPB section for a 3.4 hook.
  17. Downloading ipb

    I cannot download the version on the website, when the download begins is the latest version 4.1.15 not later...
  18. Login Problem

    hi all , I have a problem, I am using IPS 4.1.15 and godaddy, I changed dns server to cloudflare and I can't login IPS admin panel and my site, How to fix? old members not login my site, but new member login no problem
  19. Donation with Bitcoin

    Hello, i has no paypal account. But need Premium by you, for more downloads :(... I can pay with Bitcoin?
  20. Contact Methods Plugin?

    What plugin is being used for the contact methods on user profiles? <<<<<< The little icons that show on a users post look sweet
  21. retails

    i wonder where to share some retails ?
  22. forum icons preety awesome

    i wonder how to show those preety icons you have in my coomunity. is there any plugin available or package? i thing you are using fontawesome as icons but i don't know how. thank you in advance and cheers! Have a nice day to all members and staff
  23. Hi guys, just wondering if you had a place to test post layouts, forum sigs, attachments, etc. I wouldn't want to create unnecessary spam in a useful forum?
  24. hlep me

    me hlep
  25. Uniform Theme - Help

    Hello, i recently downloaded a new theme and i noticed when you put a bg image, the sections titles of the forum are transparents, so you can still look the background behind... But when i put a video as background, is not the same, as you can see here on the video that i made the sections titles are dark grey. Is there a way to fix that thing? Thanks P.S: Sorry if i'm not on the right topic, i'm new here :-(