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Found 190 results

  1. @Davlin @Saviour I think this is a lack of respect, I've been here for some time, I try to help those who need it, not because I get paid or something of the genre, but because I like it, a while ago I made a comment about Chatbox being removed , and I lost all my reputation points besides being negative, I mean that I can not give my opinion that will remove my reputation? I stayed with the negative reputation, a lot of disrespect for the opinion of others, but okay, I was silent on mine, now I spent the day yesterday behind the content for a member, I found, I had the job of adding it to the marketplace , here comes a citizen and I refuse? Where is the respect in the work I had to seek to help a member?
  2. Hi, I'm just wondering if I could have this thread deleted, as its showing up in search engines. If you do could do anything, that'd be a great help. Thank you!
  3. HI Fix Remove query strings from static resources Resources with a "?" in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers. Remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL for the following resources:
  4. Why are tags required in most forums like in 4.2 IP boards you have to choose a tag from "4.2,4.1,4.x", clearly my question/request is 4.2 related or I wouldn't be in the 4.2 board? Just seems a silly requirement
  5. Are we allowed to post IP boards 4.2.1 requests in the 4.1 forum?
  6. How to Change Administrator Display Name Color? Not Grup name Color Like This:
  7. What plug-in is webflake using for the sidebar block for the featured topics?
  8. I'm thinking about donating as I love this site one question if I donate once is it for life or do I have donate monthly
  9. im need help pleas im cant post any thing or modify any post . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Javascript disabled for security, i need to enable javascript security img:
  11. Why is only 4 downloads allowed?
  12. where can i post a request for ipb theme thats on ipb
  13. Chatbox im upgrade member group and chatbox is missing, dont see chatbox.
  14. Name Change Hi there! Just a quick question, is there any way to change your name? Or would I have to create a new account? Thanks for any help! Archie (Mr. Bilbo)
  15. Start New Topic change to New Post Hi, who knows how to change the button "Start new Topic"? I want to change it to "New Post"
  16. Help here please with hook I would like to know the hook that leaves the hidden plaques someone help
  17. Donated $10 previously. I plan to donate more, just curious if that can be made my rank now, so I am able able to hit the ranks I want while still in my budget! Would highly appreciate it! Happy New Year Webflake!
  18. Does anyone help and want to put top 5 online and top 5 plus score You can also download the latest version Someone help me and teaches favor and also wanted to put new temple in the forum And put the chat me help by favo so I know the basics of forum I started meche for now help by combing teaching with video lesson or something that teaches step by step
  19. Anyone can please post any of the below themese for IPS 4? Zeron - Amazing playing style for IPS 4 1.0.4 URL: Click here (VN41) Veizor - Innovative gaming style 1.3 URL: Click here(VN41) Matter - Google Material for IPS 1.0.3URL: Click here
  20. Alguém ajuda ae quero colocar TOP 5 mais oline colocar chat no forum colocar Top posters geral tbm e colocar uma nova skin nele alguém ajuda alem de instalar as outras coisas pois so sei o basico do forum de meche nele tbm colocar Logo alguém ajuda por favo
  21. Can you please tell me how you set the download limits? Is it a plugin or just a setting I'm overlooking? On my IPB (4) i want to set it so guests get 3 downloads, members get 5 and donors get unlimited, per day.
  22. HI Webflake, Can anybody have idea about blocks, i have added but content not formatting properly. Please help me out.
  23. Hey, was wondering as i'm donator but don't have access to Donators Area how can i have it?
  24. Hi Guys. I have file with .xml extension how i can import this style for my forum? If i wanna add this ip board command me add zip archive. So i get this .xml file to zip archive and upload but that doesn`t work :/ I use version. I dont know how i can do this,when i have only xml file. Sorry for my english and this question but i really don`t know how to do that,i cant search it.
  25. Hello i use IPS last version, today trasfer forum to another server, i can't load chatbox,can't post to forum