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Found 251 results

  1. Hi everyone. I just started using IPB 4, and I can't figure out how to create an individual background for each user in the author pane. In IPB 3 I believe it was in Topic View > Post with the following code: <style type="text/css"> <if test="$post['author']['member_group_id'] == xx"> #post_id_{$post['post']['pid']} .author_info { background-image: url(xxx); background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 154px; height: 585px; } </if> </style> But it seems to be different in IPB 4. Basically I'm trying to achieve this: But I'd like a different one for each usergroup. I've gathered that cAuthorPane needs to be edited, but I'm not sure how to go by creating the respective php code in order to achieve this, due to my inexperience with the IPB 4 API. Could anyone lend a hand? - Thanks
  2. I followed these instructions: Download this file. Upload it to the /api folder in your site's directory (/home/blank/public_html/api). Rename it to '.htaccess' (with no file name). But when I click continue it tells me, The API endpoint is not giving the expected response. Check you followed the instructions correctly. The URL being tested is: I have friendly URLS, rewritting and force friendly urls enabled. And my website is running cloudflare SSL. When I visit the link manually it gives this error, { "errorCode": "3S290\/7", "errorMessage": "INVALID_API_KEY" } What have I dont wrong? Anyone willing to help? Can pay.
  3. Whenever I try to open the page it gives me a http error 500. I want to install the forum in my sub domain > please help error im getting: can not process this request at the moment HTTP ERROR 500
  4. I downloaded Steam login and was wondering is I need to install the upload Files to my website files as well ?
  5. So, I've set up 2FA on my IPS but when I scan the QR code and fill in the code the app gives me it always says the code is wrong. Is this my fault or is it a bug in IPS?
  6. Is there a way to pull a record's latest reviews / comments that are made? I'm trying to play around with a record's plugin feed template but I just don't know how to get the comments / reviews instead =/
  7. Error EX0 upon registering When I try to register on the forum, I get a EX0 error. I've disabled all plugins and additional applications. I still get the same error. I've ran system check - all green. Cleared the cache. This is what my system log shows me: ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register::_createMember(), 1 passed in /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/init.php(448) : eval()'d code on line 17 and exactly 2 expected (0) #0 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/init.php(448) : eval()'d code(17): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register::_createMember(Array) #1 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php(164): IPS\core\modules\front\system\classifieds_hook_newMemberCredit::_createMember(Array, Array) #2 [internal function]: IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register->IPS\core\modules\front\system\{closure}(Array) #3 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/system/Helpers/Wizard/Wizard.php(157): call_user_func(Object(Closure), Array) #4 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php(190): IPS\Helpers\_Wizard->__toString() #5 [internal function]: IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register->manage() #6 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/init.php(448) : eval()'d code(23): call_user_func_array('parent::manage', Array) #7 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(97): IPS\core\modules\front\system\nexus_hook_register->manage() #8 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #9 /home/duelists2/public_html/forum/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} I should also state that members can still register or sign in through other means (google, facebook, discord, etc.) via oauth2. However, the standard way to register gives me these errors. I'm using IPB I'm pretty sure I didn't have this error before I upgraded to
  8. I am trying to make an RSS feed in IPB withing a certain forum category. Soon I try to select the forum section, the option is grayed out not letting me select any of them.
  9. Hi, friend I want to ask for help about IPS forum. I wanted to feature Facebook, Twitter, and others can be set by the user but when I see in profile and edit profiles no Facebook link, and then I look to the skin but can only be edited in the skin and it could only be accessed by the ACP, whether I can be a facebook setting can be accessed in the profile can be edited by the user profile link. Examples like the picture below.
  10. Hi guys and girls I have a question for you in my forums I translate footer and link title directly in my globalTemplate file and when there is a visitor on my website... the website is only translated to half (I use French and English language) so I have the menu and the forum title in English and the footer and link title in french and when I am connected everything is correct :/ rip me Do I have an error in my first line of code? <html lang="{expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->bcp47()"}" dir="{{if member.language()->isrtl}}rtl{{else}}ltr{{endif}}"> thank you for your help
  11. So i'm wanting to add custom language keys for some of the hardcoded stuff on my site, iv'e tried multiple things such as: editing the lang.xml of an application and reinstalling the application, which didn't work upon updating it would always give me applicaton.json is corrupt. editing the lang.xml and accessing the ftp and then overwriting the lang.xml of whatever application i edited. However none of these are working... i find it weird that IPS doesn't allow your own language keys.
  12. I defined custom profile fields, and they used to work, but now they don't. For example, when a member has to insert a certain info in the registration, it won't show after he is registered. It's null.
  13. I see there are a good few apps/plugins for steam login and profiles etc. Does such a thing exist for EA Origin? Double post, please remove.
  14. Hello , I want to ask you something , it is possible to do a forum with custom permissions , I want to make on my board a staff request section and there I want to see just some groups from my staff and the person who started the topic , but other persons should see nothing , only the groups I selected and the owner of the topic. It is possible somehow? (Sorry for my bad english i'm romanian)
  15. I'm trying to pass custom fields for my packages. So far I have found the name of the parameter called cfields, however I don't know how to pass the field to get the custom data put into a database. So far i have tried: $invoice->cfields->2 No luck, and $package->cfields->2 Still no luck. I found that it's formatted like this in the cfields in the package purchase. This is what it looks like in the sql database. "2":"CUSTOMER TEXT" I'm guessing the number 2 is the cfields id.
  16. Hey how can i add somthing Like this ( pic )in a second page in my forum ? Its a database too found it easyer.
  17. i want to make over the shoutbox a new box where i can write my infos or ad banner how can i do thaT?
  18. Hi, I've recently switch to the latest ipb, the issue is in old version i was having the font "PT Sans" as site font & ckedtor font but now the site is showing in Verdana how can i fix
  19. Hey all ! Sorry for my English) How can I hide these parts of the profile, BUT only the admin group. what i need:
  20. Hello , I have a problem on my board , when someone tries to register it gives error EX0 . When I go to System and then Support , and I disable all customization it works , I enabled from there the theme and editor is working , I enabled application , theme and editor is working and then when I enable again the plugins it dosen't work anymore , but if I go to Plugins , and disable all from there it dosen't work. I disabled all plugins and don't work , but if I disable plugins from Support section it works. Can you help me with this?
  21. Poll results won't display after voting Hey, After upgrading to 4.1.19, I've noticed that after a member is voting in a poll it won't show him the results, just the inline message stating that he/she voted. To view the results of a poll, a member would now have to refresh the page. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  22. Hello, if i move my forum from http to https (using those instructions:, a 301 redirect from all pages with http to https should not be done (for SEO purposes)? Something like: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] should do the redirect, right? What should i do? Thank you!
  23. Hello there, I've been trying to add advertisements to my IPS 4.1.17 forums that's nulled. I think I've entered the information correctly, but I get this error upon adding the ad: INSERT INTO `core_advertisements` ( `ad_location`, `ad_html`, `ad_link`, `ad_new_window`, `ad_impressions`, `ad_clicks`, `ad_active`, `ad_html_https`, `ad_start`, `ad_end`, `ad_exempt`, `ad_images`, `ad_maximum_value`, `ad_maximum_unit`, `ad_additional_settings`, `ad_html_https_set` ) VALUES ( 'ad_global_header,ad_global_footer', '<html><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <noscript><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="//" border="0" /></a></noscript></html>', NULL, 0, 0, 1, NULL, 1489100400, 0, '*', '[]', -1, 'i', '[]', false, ? ) IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'ad_new_window' cannot be null (1048) #0 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/system/Db/Db.php(695): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('INSERT INTO `co...', Array) #1 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php(458): IPS\_Db->insert('core_advertisem...', Array) #2 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/applications/core/sources/Advertisement/Advertisement.php(240): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord->save() #3 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/applications/core/modules/admin/promotion/advertisements.php(561): IPS\core\_Advertisement->save() #4 [internal function]: IPS\core\modules\admin\promotion\_advertisements->form() #5 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): call_user_func(Array) #6 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/applications/core/modules/admin/promotion/advertisements.php(34): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #7 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\core\modules\admin\promotion\_advertisements->execute() #8 /home/bqzgfevi/public_html/community/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #9 {main} The error code is: EX1048 This is my advertisement HTML code: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <noscript><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="//" border="0" /></a></noscript> I'm thankful for all help.
  24. Hey all, I've got a error and don't know how to fix it. Can you help me? When i go to a profile on my site it says: Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\news\News::$urlBase in /home/desehxz/domains/ on line 985 Greetings, SoundSFM
  25. This is going to be a stupid question, but ever since I started using IPB 4.1.x, each time I make a new topic, the message in that topic auto-posts the topic title at the top of my message. I want to disable this. How can I do it?