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Found 1,799 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to know if some of you could help me. On specific categories I'm using the "Q&A system" powered by IPB and I wanted to know if it was possible to set "Sort by date" as default, and not "Sort by note". Here is a screen to explain the problem, This is how it works, by default : And how I want to change the thing : Because I want to keep as much as possible the "Q&A system", I think it's a well-done system, this is the only thing I want to change. Sincerely, Pskyco.
  2. Hi all, Until uploads are being approved again, you can download below apps from Dropbox. If its against Wbbflake terms I do apologies in advance. In the file you will find the latest updates of; Group Collab 1.3.16 Full version IAwards - Chat box - 1.3.3 Point Economy - 1.0.8 - IPB
  3. How to setup Google+

    Google+ You can allow your members to sign in to your website using their google+ account. In order to do this however, you first need to create an API key. First you need to go to the following URL and sign in using your google account. Once signed in you will need to create a new project using the button provided in the top left You will then be asked to enter a project name. This is not something that is important to the code, it simply gives it a recognisable name and ID. I would suggest simply using your site name here. Select the "Enable and Manage APIs" button on the next page You will then be presented with a large list of APIs. You need to select the Google+ API as shown in the screen below. Now you have this added, first select "Enable" to ensure that we have this method enabled. We then need to set up the credentials for your site to use. Select credentials on the left On the credentials screen, you will see a "Create credentials" button. Click on this and select OAuth client ID from the list provided. Now select "Web Application" . You will also need to then enter a name (leave as default). The examples for the next 2 items are based on the website being installed at our dummy location of Authorised Javascript Origins (Note this is just the domain, not the full path to your site) Authorised Redirect URIs Warning You may see these are not selectable and you need to set up your website name. If that is shown, simply click on the link and enter your website name as instructed. Once clicking on create you will then be shown the key and secret that you need to enter within your admin cp You can enter these details within System>Settings>Login Handlers>Google
  4. Group Collaboration Upgrade

    We are in need for an update on group collaboration Full 1.3.16 is the latest. Most I find is 1.3.8
  5. How to add an Imgur upload button in the editor *This is my original tutorial. You may share it freely, but(!) consider mentioning who wrote it. 1. Create an Imgur account, and then register an application here: Now you have a client ID, which is to be used in the Imgur plugin we add to the editor. 2. Download the Imgur plugin from Go to your ACP-> Customization-> Editor--> Toolbars-> "Add Button". Upload the plugin file(zip) for installation. By now you can drag the button to the toolbar for it to show, but it won't function just yet. 3. Connect to your FTP-> Edit file: applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/config.js Add the settings in the end of the file (remember to use your Client ID number): CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) { config.extraPlugins = 'imgur'; config.imgurClientId = '123535ae12372d4'; }; Save & upload, done. I hope this tutorial helped you! Result:
  6. When installing certain applications, I get this error although the directory is already set to read/write/execute.
  7. Recent Status Updates

    I've recently upgraded my site to IPS and I haven't been able to find out how to enable the recent status update hook. I really liked that feature does anyone know how to enable it again?
  8. Hello my lovely Flakes! @Len Kagamine was asking at the IP.Board support section how he could color his user titles and I found a quite easy way to help him out. I think theres no plugin out there to do this job, so we do it ourself! I think it will help alot of people here. 1. Go to Admin CP -> Customization -> Themes -> YOUR THEME -> Edit HTML and CSS 2. Search the Templates Tab for -> forums -> front -> topics -> postContainer 3. Search the following code: {{if $comment->author()->member_title && $comment->author()->member_id}} <li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li> {{endif}} and replace <li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li> with: <li class='adm_{$comment->author()->member_id}'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li> Save the postContainer template, we are done here. 4. Go to the CSS Tab and search for core -> front -> custom -> custom.css, now add the following code/class: .adm_1 { color:red; font-weight:bold; } and save it, voilá! Important: This code will color the user title of the user with the ID 1. To give other users colored user titles you just have to create more classes in your custom.css. Example: Morpheus want's black and has the member_id 666. .adm_666 color:black; } I hope this helps, btw. you can also change the member_id variable in your templates to member_group variable and give each user group a static user title color/style!
  9. FontAwesome Forum Icons So this is to get the forum icons like we currently have. You need at least some css & html knowledge and be able to use google/firefox's developer tools. Getting your Forum IDs For this to work at all you need to know the forum ID's you want to change. You can find these by right clicking them and checking the data-forumid attribute: You can also see the forum ID if you edit the forum in the admin cp, at the end of the url: Adding some template code Go to the theme and open up the following template: forums > front > index > forumRow At the end of every instance of a span with the class ipsItemStatus: <span class='ipsItemStatus You will need to add this little bit of code before the closing ">". data-forumID="{$forum->_id}" On the default themes that's line 12, 16, 20 and 28. It will look something like this: Adding the CSS This is where you'll need your forum ID numbers. This is also how i implemented them into the WebFlake CSS. Open your custom.css and add the following code: /* ========================================================================== FORUM ICONS ========================================================================== */ /*== [Category Name] ==*/ span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='1'] > i:before{ content: "\f015" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='2'] > i:before{ content: "\f059" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='3'] > i:before{ content: "\f188" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='4'] > i:before{ content: "\f0f4" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='5'] > i:before{ content: "\f135" } span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large[data-forumid='6'] > i:before{ content: "\f007" } Remember the forum IDs from earlier? You'll need to change the numbers here with your own forum IDs. You can copy/paste these lines for every forum you have, the reason i add the category names as comments is because in the future if stuff changes i won't lose track of which category is which. Change the "\f015" part with whatever FontAwesome icon you want. Go to and click the icon you want for your forum, for example "home". Copy the "unicode" part and replace it in your css. Keep the "\" backslash in there. If you have forum icons set as images currently, you will need to remove them. And that's it, you will now have customizable forum icons for your forums.
  10. IPB 4.1.11 pages

    How do I access pages on IPB 4.1.11 on acp?
  11. Step:1 Go to ACP > Customization > Themes and Select the skin you wish to edit Step: 2 Find postContainer in the templates Step: 3 Look for <li class='cAuthorPane_photo'> {template="userPhoto" app="core" group="global" params="$comment->author(), 'large', $comment->warningRef()"} </li> Step: 4 Replace it with <li class='cAuthorPane_photo'> {{if $comment->author()->pp_main_photo}}<a href='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$comment->author()->member_id}-{$comment->author()->name}" seoTemplate="profile" seoTitle="$comment->author()->name"}' data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$comment->author()->member_id}-{$comment->author()->name}&do=hovercard" seoTemplate="profile" seoTitle="$comment->author()->name"}' title="{lang="view_user_profile" sprintf="$comment->author()->name"}"><span class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_variable'><img src="{setting="base_url"}uploads/{$comment->author()->pp_main_photo}" /></span></a>{{else}}<a href='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$comment->author()->member_id}-{$comment->author()->name}" seoTemplate="profile" seoTitle="$comment->author()->name"}' data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id={$comment->author()->member_id}-{$comment->author()->name}&do=hovercard" seoTemplate="profile" seoTitle="$comment->author()->name"}' title="{lang="view_user_profile" sprintf="$comment->author()->name"}"><span class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_variable'><img src="{resource="default_photo.png" app="core" location="global"}" /></a>{{endif}} </li> #Note: you need to manually add the image url for "Default Image Url" in the code above as i believe each default images are different named differently; to find this you can go into uploads/set_resources_1 on your ftp server and look for the image, or you can right click inspect element and find it copy the image link and replace Default Image Url in the img src i have above, this will enable Default Avatar as it was broken before i updated the code above when a custom one isnt uploaded it will use the default Step: 5 Find misc.css Step: 6 Add this line of code below .ipsUserPhoto_variable img, img.ipsUserPhoto_variable, .ipsUserPhoto_variable:after { width: 150px; {{if theme.rounded_photos}} border-radius: 0px; {{endif}} } After this one .ipsUserPhoto_xlarge img, img.ipsUserPhoto_xlarge, .ipsUserPhoto_xlarge:after { width: 120px; height: 120px; {{if theme.rounded_photos}} border-radius: 60px; {{endif}} } after you have completed all the steps above the results should be like this below
  12. Telegram Login Handler 1.0.2
  13. Odnoklassniki Login 1.0.0
  14. VKontakte Login 1.0.0
  15. Login 1.0.0
  16. Instagram Photos 1.0.0
  18. PayPal Login 1.0.0
  19. Yandex Login 1.0.0
  20. Yahoo Login 1.0.0
  21. Media Tags 1.0.5
  22. Trophies And Medals

    I can't get rules and iAwards working (presumably because the newest version of iAwards is required) and Trophies And Medals seems a more simpler version. If someone could upload this I'd be very grateful: The latest version at the time of posting is 1.0.13. Getting a lot of positive comments in the support topic too:
  23. Hey, I really low how IPSFocus has integrated background picker for their 4x and 3x themes. I'm wondering if this would be possible to add to the default theme of IP.Board4? And also I mean not changing the header, but to change the background image. I've been able to add the icon itself using fa fa-paint-brush and included it in the userBar Template. But it has no functions. I'm wondering how can i make it so when i click it, it open 4 images right under navbar like in the image above. Here's the icon. And the code I did in userBar: <li class='cNotifications cUserNav_icon'> <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=notifications" seoTemplate="notifications"}' id='elFullNotifications' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="userbar_notifications"}' data-ipsMenu data-ipsMenu-closeOnClick='false'> <i class='fa fa-bell'></i> {{if member.notification_cnt}}<span class='ipsNotificationCount' data-notificationType='notify'>{member="notification_cnt"}</span>{{endif}} </a> <div id='elFullNotifications_menu' class='ipsMenu ipsMenu_wide ipsHide'> <div class='ipsMenu_headerBar'> <a href="{url="app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=options" seoTemplate="notifications_options"}" class="ipsType_light ipsPos_right"><i class="fa fa-cog"></i> {lang="notification_options"}</a> <h4 class='ipsType_sectionHead'>{lang="notifications"}</h4> </div> <div class='ipsMenu_innerContent'> <ol class='ipsDataList ipsDataList_readStatus' data-role='notifyList' data-ipsKeyNav data-ipsKeyNav-observe='return' id='elNotifyContent'></ol> </div> <div class='ipsMenu_footerBar ipsType_center'> <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=notifications" seoTemplate="notifications"}'><i class='fa fa-bars'></i> {lang="see_all_notifications"}</a> </div> </div> <li class="cUserNav_icon"> <a href="#" class="ipsfocus_toggleBgPicker" data-ipstooltip="" _title="Change Background"> <i class="fa fa-paint-brush"></i> </a> </li> I highlited in green Thanks for any help
  24. Sorry for my poor English, i just want to know if there is a way to fix this error, i have try using the default theme, one that i downloaded and one i made my self, using original language and Spanish downloaded from this site too... This error: There was a problem loading this content. happen every time i try to edit a link URL, signatures, post, questions everywhere in the forum i desperately need help with this problem, i fond someone that solved in here but didn't posted the solution unfortunately
  25. Hey people, just a quick guide to remove the "Portal by DevFuse · Based on IP.Board Portal by IPS" on the Portal page in Portal 1.6.0 by DevFuse. So firstly you need to download Portal 1.6.0 (This will probably work on all versions this is just the one i did it on) which is available here: Then you need to unzip the folder, and you should get Portal Install Readme Upgrade from IP.Board 3.X portal.tar So now you need to unzip portal.tar and you'll get a list of directories, you want to navigate to this one: modules front portal and now open portal.php in a text editor (i use notepadd++) and find this line which should be the 33 >> 35th line: { \IPS\Output::i()->output .= "<div style='clear:both;text-align:center;position:absolute;bottom:15px;width:95%;'><a href='' class='ipsType_smaller ipsType_light'>Portal by DevFuse</a> &middot; <a href='' class='ipsType_smaller ipsType_light'>Based on IP.Board Portal by IPS</a></div>"; } and remove the part between the " " { \IPS\Output::i()->output .= " "; } then save the .php file overwriting the original one, then go back to the portal directory. The file tree should look like this: data extensions hooks interface modules setup sources tasks widgets Application.php And use 7zip to zip them up into a .tar format then you can either update your existing Portal by uploading a new version via ACP or installing Portal from scratch using the same method you would usually install applications. Hope this helps some people!