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  1. Im using Portal and i set in setting to show only the 6 first lines. I want in the end to add a Read more button or something like that How can I do that?
  2. Hey guys, how do I disable Designer's Mode in IPS ? I can't disable it in the Admin Panel its design got f**ked up and whenever turning it off, it just does not work. Fixed the problem by running /admin/upgrade there's a button to disable designer's mode, can lock.
  3. I honestly have no other idea how to describe this other than that it "looks funny," so forgive me for the vague title. But I finished upgrading my forum from 3.x to 4.0.6 and this is how my forum is displaying. It's like this in the admin panel too. Have no idea how to fix this, it's like themes don't exist, but I have uploaded numerous themes and have switched to them and it still displays like this. My forum address is http://www.madonnabible.com
  4. Hey guys, I'm having this problem for really long time but just kept ignoring it. And now I really want to fix it. So my forum uses the Chameleon Dark theme. The problem is that the browser won't use the background-size: cover setting. And thanks to this the background image won't resize when you change the size of the window of your browser. Example: When I load the website not maximized (half size for example) it loads the background image well but when you want to make the browse window maximized the image gets centered and doesn't cover the whole screen. Here are 2 screenshot
  5. Hello! I'm creating a forum and I'm using the theme Veizor. In the menu manager, I have added five tabs but only four appears on the page. Any solution? Thank you Best regards
  6. Hi, a few days ago I made this topic for the issue in y 3.x community Now I am having the exact same issue in my 4.x community. Can anyone help?
  7. Hey, the mobile style when watching a member's profile is somehow changed, it looks bad. print screen: How it supposed to look: How do I fix it back?
  8. Hello, I'm using the latest version of Chameleon for 4.1.16. My header looks like this: I want to use an animated background like in the Animate theme like this: This question was asked a long time ago here: but the code is outdated now and I was wondering if someone could give an updated one.
  9. I wanted to know how to translate this plugin (image below) I tried going on the panel and I did not find it to translate it. Plugin name: extraAuthorInfo_short
  10. Hi, I can't upload group images on my IPBoard 4.1 This is the result I get: Anyone know how to solve this?
  11. Hi I tried installing a fresh version of IPB And after I search my site to set it up and this error pops up with white pageFatal error: Class 'IPS\core\Advertisement' not found in /home/u926973913/public_html/system/Output/Output.php on line736 i'v installed this before I'm not new I didn't edit anything
  12. I upgrade my forum from 3.4.8 to, but i have a error in URL. When i access old topics trough the old url structure, like links from my forum in google search, i cant access the topic, i get the error: Old URL: index.php/topic/1-welcome-post But, when i access the same topic, trough new url structure, i access normally. New URL: index.php?/topic/1-welcome-post How to solve?
  13. Can someone explain it to me how to embedd tweets from Twitter? There is probably some hook that handles that but I couldn't find it. I have version installed. Thank you in advance!
  14. How do I upgrade from 4.1.12 to 4.1.16, correctly?
  15. Hi there, I am coming back to IPBoard after working with XF and I found out it has changed a lot in version 4 (comparing with IPB3). I have implemented IPB with Uniform theme. Having this said, I have some doubts I would need your help: I am not able to find where I can modify the icons from the menu bar. Right now this is how I see it: http://i.imgur.com/yh2vFIx.png and I would like to have something like: http://i.imgur.com/jvO4k87.png SOLVED I also can't find how to add the sidebar to the forums. In theme settings the sidebar is configured to be in the right, but t
  16. I can not put ads on my forum,I can, only,the ad is white. I want to put Google Adsense
  17. Hello all, I have this error on the frontend when i want to see my activity => forums => topics: OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /home/britneyg/public_html/universe/system/Node/Model.php(1578): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load('48') #1 /home/britneyg/public_html/universe/init.php(441) : eval()'d code(26): IPS\Node\_Model::loadAndCheckPerms('48') #2 /home/britneyg/public_html/universe/applications/core/modules/front/members/profile.php(480): IPS\Helpers\Table\hook702->__construct('IPS\\forums\\Topi...', Object(IPS\Http\Url\Friendly), Array, NULL, NULL, 'read', false) #3 [internal
  18. Like for example Administrator, Moderators,Members
  19. members in my forum fail to recognize the warning.They may not recognize that.Version 4.1. she says: You are not allowed to do this This happens when a member attempts to recognize the warning when I try to access the page, as well as administrator
  20. Hey guys, how to make a full background of the forum just like here on Webflake though WITHOUT the background changer? I noticed this thread for IPB 3.x this is also with the changer but as there is no updated version for IPB 4.x I would like to ask here. Example of what I want to remove so that I can add a whole forum background (attached image) Thanks
  21. some sites in my forum are not incorporating, help. being them:youtube,facebook
  22. Hi how can i clean all ip record ?
  23. Hello, I installed application and it does not work, then try to delete and appear as error forum
  24. Good afternoon staff, I am not able to implement in my IPB [IPS 4.1.15] none of these 2 plugins, anyone can tell me what might be happening? thank you! I've installed both, but does not appear in the forum nor settings options in the Admin Panel.
  25. Hello,Due my community expanding i moved the IPB4 installation from the root directory to /forums, i've edited the config.php to the new board_url, and friendly urls etc are all updated.The only thing is that the images of the whole website are fucked, including the adminCP. Can someone help out?Thanks in advance.