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Found 73 results

  1. I had an account in this forum a long time, but I had stopped with the platform and forgot my password, I was trying to access to recover the password and only asks for the email of the account, I also do not remember the email how can I to recover my account? thanks for help
  2. Just because I do not post, should not make you automatically assume that I am an inactive user. If I do not post, it means that I have nothing valuable to add to the conversations which are taking place on the forum. I have always tended to be more of a lurker on most forms which I visit anyway, so I would ask that you revise who you class as inactive please, as opposed to someone who hardly signs in.
  3. Hey guys, Are you aware of the fact new users cant signup? there is a template error thrown at your feets.
  4. is the a way that you guys can add the clear notification on here so we can clear the message
  5. @Davlin @Saviour I think this is a lack of respect, I've been here for some time, I try to help those who need it, not because I get paid or something of the genre, but because I like it, a while ago I made a comment about Chatbox being removed , and I lost all my reputation points besides being negative, I mean that I can not give my opinion that will remove my reputation? I stayed with the negative reputation, a lot of disrespect for the opinion of others, but okay, I was silent on mine, now I spent the day yesterday behind the content for a member, I found, I had the job of adding it to the marketplace , here comes a citizen and I refuse? Where is the respect in the work I had to seek to help a member?
  6. Hey Staff, Please restore anti-spam on registration, alot of bots are posting on the forum. Really annoying!
  7. I want to say this is the most useful site i ever used :D I really like it but you have one thing :D The download limitation i can't download more than 5 files daily :D Anyways this is cool site
  8. Hey guys, About five minutes ago I started getting pop out window on webflake with message: I already had software on my profile, but I update it several time after message and still everytime I load up website I get pop out message.
  9. Hey there WebFlake, I was wondering if the "User Award" system would ever come back to the Flake world.
  10. Dears, In the skin 'WebFlake :: Shift' there is a small bug in the userinfopane. See screenshot below; What does that sneeky "3" means? It is on every userinfopane. Regards, Stake
  11. There's a bug I discovered in the Flake4 (Light) theme. When showing members' awards in a post it repeatedly has a "3" after every award (see screenshot below). This doesn't happen in the default theme, so I know it's not normal. Easy fix however, and most likely just an accidentally typed character in the HTML, and not really a big deal, just thought I'd point it out.
  12. This site has without a doubt the most dificult captcha/security code system I have ever seen.. Took 10 mins to register due to the correct answer not being correct..
  13. Today I found a mistake in your site. When I change the design, I can't not do anything other than read or open a topic, nothing to go, Just do not show, white screen, but when i back in to this Flake4 (small) all things is working 100%. The problem is that, Flake4(light) skin have problems, so is that what i want to say today. That was it show, when i change to Flake(light) ( I'm sorry if i do not write here, i just don't realy know where exactly this topic need to be. )
  14. I don't know what to say really! But this site is way too awesome! I'm glad to be here I've been here only a month but never been active but now I am I'd like to say to all of the staff members keep up the good work I'm happy to see this site running very smooth.. Also good work to Davlin & Phun you guys are huge <3 Keep it up guys
  15. <div class="ipsBox_container"> <div style="margin: 0 auto; background: url(;display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px"> <script async="" src="//"></script> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-2095492192459997" data-ad-slot="5193309834"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </div> </div> Please remove ads.
  16. Been away for sometime now and when I come back and see the new look I thought I was in a diferent place lol... So thank you Admins and The Big brains behind WF, yuo made my day ^.^
  17. "Your account has been marked as Inactive, to become active again you must at least make 1 post." I own some forums.. I never put useless arbitrary restrictions on my users like this.. what is the point?
  18. So this thread serves 2 purposes. One is to make my account active again... The second is to let the administrators know that underneath the global message saying your account is marked as inactive, there is a line break, which causes this: Doesn't really fit in that well, so I thought I would let the staff know.
  19. Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for providing this really great web site to the public..
  20. Hello everyone. I want to say BIG thanks to WebFlake for uploading and letting us download stuff that will really help our websites and our communitys to grow, this is one of the best sites i have ever seen. I'm really glad i found this website, i enjoy the website it's beautiful. And BIG thanks to uploaders, i know it's not much to click some buttons and upload files, but it's still work and you put in your time to upload files to WebFlake and i appreciate it. Love you guys and agian i want to say BIG thanks to all. P.S Sorry for my bad English. - Sunciits
  21. Wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy this site, my original account was deleted for inactivity which is totally my fault. I appreciate the chance to come back and hopefully I'll do better keeping up with the activity. Thanks for WebFlake, appreciate the access to all this great software.
  22. Hi, In my personal opinion Phun and Davlin (the admins) have done a beautiful and a amazing job with the site, there's a couple of guys out there that run forums, but its quite rare these days. The admins really bring people together, socially on the forum and get the feeling of connection.... while there could be less limits on the forum and what not, but still its a great forum all thanks to phun and davlin. keep up the great work sirs !
  23. Greetings admin & Staff apologize for this Crap! but it seems we have a member that are proud to be a leecher. (IPB Hook/Skin Repacker ) his name is #Silence. (the man who are banned on every community because he is repacker/leecher). i am so disappointed that we have leechers here so please guys banned that member. the first day i upload my file in here. (ONLY HERE). minute ago i have my first Downloader. and i ignore and few more second i saw my file uploaded in the other forum Demmit! i am 100% sure. maybe you guys check on who downloaded the item at the first time and banned him. Proof: Thank you hope you guys can fix this CASE
  24. Hello guy's, I'm back on the forum after a long time without having posted anything. Your email reminds me that webflake is a community and not a download board like piratebay for example. I do download things on the site without writing comments in return. It is mostly because I give a note (with the stars) to the files and I think it's enough. I made a Donatin in the past. Webflake helped me and I wanted to thank you and help you back. I never asked for anything in return except that the site remains open. I'll try to post messages more often, but do not forget that some members may not be comfortable with English. I am French for example and I know many of us have a different native language. If I do not wrote on the forum, I still read the news and I try not to download too often! Last thing I did not really like receiving your email. It was a non-personalized message and I hate this kind of email because I get stuff like that all of the day and my inbox is full of spam or commercial messages! I hope, you wouldn't send too many email! ^^ By the way, I find the new template LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT(the show is finaly over)-DARY!!! Well done! (I hope that my english is readable! ^^)