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Found 20 results

  1. How to Get Plugins?

    Hello, I'm looking for Pages SuperTopics 1.0.0. plugin: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8689-pages-supertopics/ How can I get the plugin? Thank you
  2. Welcome

    I warmly welcome. Forum IPS 4.2.2 Need a free plugin to contact the admin I can ask you to do this?
  3. BBCode didn't get converted

    I installed a 4.2 Suite and converted a previous phpBB3 installation. All went well, except the BBCode in the (10.000+ posts) didn't get converted to it's html equivalent. Things like [ qoute=<username> ] and the closing [ /quote ], the [ align ] tags and the [ attachments ] tags. How can I fix this? Is there a plugin perhaps that performs this magic? I already tried creating a word filter to replace those instances but that didn't work.
  4. I'm successful, But how i can do this?

    I successfully added custom profile fields. but i want to show discord and skype icons together like here, not to show them up & down. How can i do this??
  5. Post count format

    Could someone explain to me how this is possible? IPB's standard template is "x posts". I was wondering how it would be possible to change it to the format shown above. Sorry if this is a stupid question, trying to learn.
  6. Answered Question

    Hello, This questions is for the mods/admin of the this forum. I see that when a question is answered a moderator/admin adds the following to the end of the thread: How do you achieve this? Thank you.
  7. Links are not working

    Can someone provide me XML files for => Release Notes Page/ Bug Tracker/ Twitch Stream?? Links in forum almost dead!!!
  8. Recently Browsing

    I have another question about recently browsing block how can i make it active in all forums topics and categories automatically like this great site I cant added it manually in every section or topic and many thanks for your great help
  9. Feature Plan

    How to make a page similar to the one in "Webflake" that shows future plans for the site? Thank you!
  10. News Ticker's issues

    The news tickers works only in the default and behemoth theme, not in carbon, nerva, brave nor matter. How to fix that?
  11. News Ticker

  12. Back To Top Button

    Hi, I need you help on how to install (coding) and where to install a back to top button . On the right side and that appear at a certain point, also I'm using 4.2.4 version.
  13. Hi, is there anybody who can share this one with us? https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/dimension/ It's very nice design and I would appriciate if anyone could add it here Thanks.
  14. Custom Moderator Team Page

    someone have the newest version for this plugin? Custom Moderator Team Page that will work on ipb 4 or some other plugin like this page: http://xpr-gaming.com/index.php?/members/ thanks from advenced.
  15. Please share the Future Plan

    can you please share this with us ? https://webflake.sx/wf-feature-plan/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/408095-ips4-feature-plan/?do=findComment&comment=2529100 im using 4.2
  16. Behemoth Theme Header Size

    Hello, I have recently upgraded to 4.2.1! My old theme wasn't too compliant so I thought I'd refresh with a new one. I chose Behemoth, however, the header is oversized and I can't figure out how to modify. The image I would like to use is 1400 x 300 px (but with fluid width enabled in the setting). Does anyone know how I can change the header container as it currently stretches my uploaded header: www. ExcelWTF .com (Remove spaces) Any help is appreciated Thanks Caleeco
  17. Contact info Panel

    I was wondering, how can i do that, like when some one hover on skype button it shows the info submitted by user
  18. Group Color on User Link 9

  19. Custom Block Style

    Hey, is there a way to add a custom block style? For example the h3 layout. This is on Webflake and this is how it looks on my forum. I want to know how to add the h3 style. I'm currently using the WYSIWYG Editor option. EDIT: You can close it xD. I just found it out.
  20. hey guys, i previously created this thread: What @Cookie Monster suggested in there worked but now, it doesn't work as intended.. it's not centered, but it shows from left to right.. for instance: If I set only 1 custom field it'll show this one custom field but at the left corner under the user's info. Attached a photo (as you can see, it's not showing in the center, but left side..) this is the code I use: <span class="spleft"><div class="ipsType_center domainContactInfo" data-ipstooltip="" _title="Skype: {content}"> <img src="http://domain.com/customfields/skype.png" alt="Skype Logo"></span> </div> any help will be appreciated..