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Found 50 results

  1. little help how do i fix this issue with xf2.0 when i go to save theme after edit i get this pop up
  2. Hide forum title only on forum list add to extra.css /*** Hide forum title on forum list ***/ [data-template="forum_list"] { .p-title-value { display: none; } .p-title { float: right; } } /**********/
  3. hey anyone know how can i remove or edit this footer brandbark properly please. thanks in adavnced.
  4. how to set up twitter so you don't run into any issues follow the image don't for get to it the add callback
  5. I am hosting my own website and I need to know how to make a STMP for it, anyone know how? I have tired to research it and have not found anything.
  6. Conditional Statements for XenForo 2The conditional statements can be expanded by using AND, OR conditional statements operators and using xf:if, xf:else, xf:elseif.If there are any conditional statements that you want to add, please add it as a message and the article will be updated.1. How can I show content to Administrators? <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin"> Show content... </xf:if> 2. How can I show content to Moderators? <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_moderator"> Show content... </xf:if> 3. How can I show content to Administrators and Moderators? <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin OR $xf.visitor.is_moderator"> Show content... </xf:if> 4. How can I Show content for member? <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.user_id"> Show content... </xf:if> 5. How can I Show content if not a member? <xf:if is="!$xf.visitor.user_id"> Show content... </xf:if> 6. How can I show different content to members and guests? <xf:if is="!$xf.visitor.user_id"> Show only members <xf:else /> Show only guests </xf:if> 7. How can I Show content for banned members? <xf:if is="$user.is_banned"> Show content... </xf:if> 8. How can I show content from x if the user's likes is bigger? <xf:if is="$user.like_count|number > x"> Show content... </xf:if> 9. How can I show content from x if the user's message is bigger? <xf:if is="$user.message_count|number > x"> Show content... </xf:if> 10. How can I show content from x if the user's points is bigger? <xf:if is="$user.trophy_points|number > x"> Show content... </xf:if> 11. How can I show content to a specific member? <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.user_id == x"> Show content... </xf:if> 12. How can I show content to more than one member? <xf:if is="in_array($xf.visitor.user_id, [x, x, x, x])"> Show content... </xf:if> 13. How can I Show content from more than one user group? <xf:if is="{{$xf.visitor.isMemberOf(x)}}"> Show content... </xf:if> 14. How can I hide content from more than one user group? <xf:if is="{{!$xf.visitor.isMemberOf(x)}}"> Hide content... </xf:if> 15. How can I show content after the first post in a thread? <xf:if is="$post.position % $xf.options.messagesPerPage == 0"> Show content... </xf:if> 15. How can I show content after post x on every page in a thread? <xf:if is="$post.position % $xf.options.messagesPerPage == x"> Show content... </xf:if> 16. How can I show content on pages with a sidebar? <xf:if is="$sidebar"> Show content... </xf:if> 17. How can I show content only at home? <xf:if is="$template != 'forum_list'"> Show content... </xf:if> 18. How can I hide content only at home? <xf:if is="$template !== 'forum_list'"> Hide content... </xf:if> 19. How can I show the content only when creating a thread? <xf:if is="$template == 'forum_post_thread'"> Show content... </xf:if 20. How can I hide the content only when creating a thread? <xf:if is="$template != 'forum_post_thread'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 21. How can I show the content only when creating a resource? <xf:if is="$template == 'xfrm_category_add_resource'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 22. How can I hide the content only when creating a resource? <xf:if is="$template != 'xfrm_category_add_resource'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 23. How can I show you only when viewing the search page? <xf:if is="$template == 'search_form'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 24. How can I hide you only when viewing the search page? <xf:if is="$template != 'search_form'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> `25. How can I show content only in what's new? <xf:if is="$template == 'whats_new'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 26. How can I hide content only in what's new? <xf:if is="$template != 'whats_new'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 27. How can I show content message on in a conversation? <xf:if is="$template == 'conversation_view'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 28. How can I hide content message on in a conversation? <xf:if is="$template != 'conversation_view'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 29. How can I show only on the conversation list? <xf:if is="$template == 'conversation_list'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 30. How can I hide only on the conversation list? <xf:if is="$template != 'conversation_list'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 31. How can I show only resources on the homepage? <xf:if is="$template == 'xfrm_overview'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 32. How can I hide only resources on the homepage? <xf:if is="$template != 'xfrm_overview'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 33. How can I show only when viewing sources content? <xf:if is="$template == 'xfrm_resource_view'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 34. How can I hide only when viewing sources content? <xf:if is="$template != 'xfrm_resource_view'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 35. How can I show when the thread is displayed? <xf:if is="$template == 'thread_view'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 36. How can I hide when the thread is displayed? <xf:if is="$template !='thread_view'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 37. How can I show it in the thread list? <xf:if is="$template =='forum_view'"> Show content.. </xf:if> 38. How can I hide it in the thread list? xf:if is="$template != 'forum_view'"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 39. How can I show content to Discouraged Users? <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.Option.is_discouraged}"> Show content... </xf:if> 40. How can I display the content only for those users who have an Gravatar? <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.gravatar}"> Show content... </xf:if> 41.How can I display the content only for staff? <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.is_staff}"> Show content... </xf:if> 42.How can I display the content only for users who have not confirmed email address? <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.isAwaitingEmailConfirmation()}"> Show content... </xf:if> 43. How can I show content in more than one forum? <xf:if is="in_array({$forum.node_id}, [X,Y,Z])"> Show content.. </xf:if> 44. How do I hide content in multiple forums? <xf:if is="!in_array({$forum.node_id}, [X,Y,Z])"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 45. How can I show content in a specific forum? <xf:if is="{$forum.node_id} == 3"> Show content.. </xf:if> 46. How can I hide content on a specific forum? <xf:if is="{$forum.node_id} != 3"> Hide content.. </xf:if> 47. How to show a banner only under the first post of each page of a thread? <xf:if is="{$post.position} % {$xf.options.messagesPerPage} == 1"> Show content.. </xf:if> 48. How to show a banner only inside of only the first post of each page of a thread? <xf:if is="{$post.position} % {$xf.options.messagesPerPage} == 0"> Show content.. </xf:if> 49. The location field is specified <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.location}"> Show content... </xf:if> 50. The website field is specified <xf:if is="{$}"> Show content... </xf:if> 51. The signature is indicated. <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.signature}"> Show content... </xf:if> 52. The user activated <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.user_state} == 'valid'"> Show content... </xf:if> 53. Awaiting email confirmation (after editing): <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.user_state} == 'email_confirm_edit'"> Show content... </xf:if> 54. Email is not valid <xf:if is="{$xf.visitor.user_state} == 'email_bounce'"> Show content... </xf:if>
  7. here are the issues with this them all i did was add to the Styles set default need fixing ErrorException: Template error: Function parse_less_color is unknown src/XF/Template/Templater.php:840 Stack trace #0 [internal function]: XF\Template\Templater->handleTemplateError(512, 'Function parse_...', '/home/d/...', 840, Array) #1 src/XF/Template/Templater.php(840): trigger_error('Function parse_...', 512) #2 internal_data/code_cache/templates/l1/s2/public/PAGE_CONTAINER.php(374): XF\Template\Templater->fn('parse_less_colo...', Array, true) #3 src/XF/Template/Templater.php(1230): XF\Template\Templater->{closure}(Object(XF\Template\Templater), Array) #4 src/XF/Pub/App.php(449): XF\Template\Templater->renderTemplate('PAGE_CONTAINER', Array) #5 src/XF/App.php(1715): XF\Pub\App->renderPageHtml('\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\n\t\n\t...', Array, Object(XF\Mvc\Reply\View), Object(XF\Mvc\Renderer\Html)) #6 src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php(310): XF\App->renderPage('\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\n\t\n\t...', Object(XF\Mvc\Reply\View), Object(XF\Mvc\Renderer\Html)) #7 src/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php(44): XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->render(Object(XF\Mvc\Reply\View), 'html') #8 src/XF/App.php(1880): XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->run() #9 src/XF.php(328): XF\App->run() #10 index.php(13): XF::runApp('XF\\Pub\\App') #11 {main} Request state array(4) { ["url"] => string(1) "/" ["referrer"] => string(36) "https://www." ["_GET"] => array(0) { } ["_POST"] => array(0) { } }
  8. Hello dear WebFlake family, I downloaded a xenforo file from here today and installed shared hosting, but when I add a plugin I get 403 error what is the reason for you? Could it be because it was broken? Thank you in advance. Note: I apologize for the Google translator.
  9. Hey guys im trying to find out what theme this forum is using: Im not sure if it's xf 2 or xf 1.5 i want to use it as a start for my own custom theme because it alrdy has many of the things that i need. please let me know.
  10. Is there a way of getting the RSS Feed to work, as im trying to get the blog to automatically update with RSS Feeds from IGN
  11. You can download with this link 1) Unzip CometChat 2) Upload cometchat folder in your root forum directory 3) Go for installing cometchat 4) Go to Admin panel Login => cometchat Pass => cometchat 5) You have all Features but if you don't have all features go in the left to Settings and General 6) under License Key put this key D2KBK-1GXGT-3OELN-RMCN0-SFP9T and update (now you have all Features ) 7) Go to Administration control panel and click on the Appearance tab. Select Templates and search for PAGE_CONTAINER and open it for editing. Paste this code immediately after <head> tag and save your settings. <link type="text/css" href="/cometchat/css.php" rel="stylesheet" charset="utf-8"> <script type="text/javascript" src="/cometchat/js.php" charset="utf-8"></script> 8) Refresh your web page, enjoy PS: don't forget delete install.php file and change login and password for admin panel Troobleshooting: 1) My Admin panel isn't working correctely and cometchat not working Go to Settings and General and under Base URL change with /cometchat/ or /forum/cometchat/ or change Where your forum is installed
  12. How can I increase the size of the avatar without cropping the image?
  13. Hi: I've been triying to move or create the online user widget that is on the right side for default, to the bottom of the page.... anyone can help me with that?? Every time I try to change it moves, the online users, the staff and I want them separately, the staff in the right and the list of online users in the bottom.
  14. Hi there, I'm having some trouble with adding Material Design icons to new Navigation items Not sure whether I need to edit the Display condition or Extra attributes. Some help would be great.
  15. Can anyone provide XenForo 2 software with each version release? I need it only to keep the translation updated, not for live community. Also premium addons would be appreciated.
  16. Add code to your extra.less template: /* Coloured Node Categories */ .block.block--category.block--categoryX .block-header { background: #009ACF; color: #ffffff; } /**********/ Change X to your node ID. How do I find node ID? It's simple to find it. Just hover on your Node Category Title like in example below and check for the ID: So the code for example above will be: .block.block--category.block--category21 .block-header { background: #7CA430; color: #ffffff; } For each node ID you need to copy/paste the code above, then just edit to suit your needs.
  17. Hi, Today I share a tutorial under xenForo 2.0 : Create a usergroup legend in sidebar ! Create a new template named usergroup_legend : <div class="block"{{ widget_data($widget) }}> <div class="block-container"> <h3 class="block-minorHeader"><i class="fa fa-user" style="padding-right: 3px;"></i>Usergroup</h3> <div class="block-body block-row"> <dl class="pairs pairs--justified"> <div class="username" style="text-align:center;"> <span class="username--style3">Administrator</span> <span class="username--style4">Modérator</span> <br><span class="username--style6">Administrator</span> <span class="username--style12">Modérator</span> <br><span class="username--style18">Administrator</span> <span class="username--style10">Modérator</span> <br><span class="username--style9">Administrator</span> <span class="username--style13">Modérator</span> <br><span class="username--style2">Administrator</span> </div> </dl> </div> </div> </div> In your template PAGE_CONTAINER find : <xf:ad position="container_sidebar_below" /> Add this below : <xf:include template="usergroup_legend" /> Screen :
  18. Acest tutorial va ajuta sa ascundeti informatiile in plus din profilul din post Pentru inceput in tema si cautati template-ul extra.less si adaugati in el urmatorul cod: .message-userExtras { opacity: 0; max-height: 0px; overflow: hidden; transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out; } .message-cell.message-cell--user:hover .message-userExtras { opacity: 1; max-height: 300px;
  19. Pentru a adauga statusul unui user (online/offline) intr-un post trebuie sa faceti urmatoarele Cautati in template-urile temei "message_macros" si gasiti aceasta linie: <span class="message-userArrow"></span> Inainte de aceasta linie adaugati urmatorul cod: <xf:if is="$user.isOnline()"> <div class="onlineON">Online</span></div> <xf:else /> <div class="offlineOFF">Offline</span></div> </xf:if> Si in template-ul extra.less adaugati urmatoarele: /*online - offline*/ .onlineON{ background: #32CD32; padding: 5px; text-align: center; border-radius: 0 0 5px 5px; margin-top: 5px; } .offlineOFF{ background: #ff0000; padding: 5px; text-align: center; border-radius: 0 0 5px 5px; margin-top: 5px; }
  20. Help i was wondering if anyone knew how to do this as it will make my forum look tidy
  21. NB: I have found this may cause jumping on some browsers, will post an update fix tomorrow.Option 1 (very very simple) Edit the code (see below) to include each ad's LINK_URL and IMAGE_URL (Optional) Edit duration of display var howOften = 7; default =7 seconds Create an ad in ACP > Setup > Advertising Paste both part 1 and part 2 of the code in the ad (it doesn't matter which order) Option 2 ( very simple)After editing as above Paste part 1 of the code at the bottom of PAGE_CONTAINER template Paste part 2 of the code in your ad Note that option two may be better practice, but you will need to add part 1 to the template in every style.The Ad locationBefore using this please test that your ad location is actually showing as expected. To do this, simply create the ad and type in some text, e.g. TEST, or add a simple html to display an image. Now check that i shows on your forum.Jumping issues with some browsersNB: Ideally your ad banner images should be the same dimension or the page will jump when they rotate. Even if they are the same height, there can still be jumping issues with some browsers.For this reason we included the container style style="min-height:100px". The height here should be as high as the images (or largest image)This is the down and dirty fix, the only tiny problem is it would cause a vertical gap to show on smaller devices. Here is the more advanced fix if you know css: The CodeNB: keep exactly as is, replace only the where the text is RED, ie LINK_URL, ALT_TEXT and IMAGE_URL. It is important not to change the single quote to double quote, ie do not change ' to ".URLs with queries ? may not work. Remember this is down and dirty, simple and easy. For more complex features I would recommend you get an addon that will accomodate those. Part 1 <xf:comment>Part 1 javascript</xf:comment> <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.2"> var howOften = 7; //number often in seconds to rotate var current = 0; //start the counter at 0 var ns6 = document.getElementById&&!document.all; //detect netscape 6 var items = new Array(); items[0]="<a href='LINK_URL' ><img alt='ALT_TEXT' src='IMAGE_URL' height='auto' width='100%' /></a>"; items[1]="<a href='LINK_URL'><img alt='ALT_TEXT' src='IMAGE_URL' height='auto' width='100%' /></a>"; function rotater() { document.getElementById("placeholder").innerHTML = items[current]; current = (current==items.length-1) ? 0 : current + 1; setTimeout("rotater()",howOften*1000); } function rotater() { if(document.layers) { document.placeholderlayer.document.write(items[current]); document.placeholderlayer.document.close(); } if(ns6)document.getElementById("placeholderdiv").innerHTML=items[current] if(document.all) placeholderdiv.innerHTML=items[current]; current = (current==items.length-1) ? 0 : current + 1; //increment or reset setTimeout("rotater()",howOften*1000); } window.onload=rotater; //--> </script> Part 2 <xf:comment>Part 2 - The ad container that appears on your page</xf:comment> <layer id="placeholderlayer"></layer><div style="min-height:100px" id="placeholderdiv"></div> Screenshot (Firefox Responsive mode)
  22. Hi, Today I share a tutorial under xenForo 2.0 : Add Font Awesome icons to the navigation ! Go in your language here : /admin.php?languages/ Search : nav. Then select the element of your choice : Here is the default code I use : <i class="fa fa-newspaper-o fa-large fa-fixed-width" style="padding-right:3px;"></i> Screen :
  23. How would I go about configuring the Chatbox addon?
  24. I'm looking for the following addon, would be grateful if it could share someone. Thank you
  25. xenForo 2.x.x Navtab menu FontAwesome use of Demo; Forums; What's New: Resources; Members; extra.less You just need to add the following codes to your template /* - Üst menü iconları - Başlangıç */ .p-navEl [data-nav-id="home"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f015";padding-right:5px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="forums"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f27a";padding-right:5px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="whatsNew"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f128";padding-right:5px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrm"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f019";padding-right:5px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="members"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f0c0";padding-right:5px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="newPosts"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f06d";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="findThreads"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f00e";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="watched"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f06e";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="searchForums"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f002";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="markForumsRead"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f070";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="whatsNewPosts"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f0f6";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrmNewResources"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f019";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="whatsNewProfilePosts"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f040";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="whatsNewNewsFeed"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f09e";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="latestActivity"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f005";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrmLatestReviews"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f091";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrmYourResources"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f0ed";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrmWatched"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f0a7";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="xfrmSearchResources"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f002";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="currentVisitors"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f234";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="newProfilePosts"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f040";padding-right:3px} .p-navEl [data-nav-id="searchProfilePosts"]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f21b";padding-right:3px} /* - Üst menü iconları - Bitiş */ Icons you want to add; content:"\f070" edit the code in red.