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Found 181 results

  1. I don't know why but i can;t download this file.Maybe help?
  2. I would like to ask you some questions about the product offered by you: Would they be the same version as buying each product separately correct? And about the updates, I saw that buying I have access to them, but would like to know if the payment is made only once, or do I need to be renewed every month / quarter or semiannual? Sorry if it was not here that you could ask, on the product in question I could not find a way to support doubts about it. Thanks in advance! [EDIT1] I forgot to ask, in these products I can do reports of BUG, Suggestions only to subjects related to IPBoard, or could it be done for game servers or other platforms without being IPBoard? In case I would use it in IPBoard, however users could report, for example, a BUG on my game servers for it, and leave it in the Forum for everyone to see.
  3. Hey i cant seem to download anything. it just shows up as Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. thats on everything.
  4. So my question is can donators post in the Request forum regardless the post count?
  5. Hi, I'd like to know how you produced the notification message saying you are inactive and giving instructions on what you must do to change your access levels
  6. Hey there, i searched trough forums and i can't find anything related to this issue. My question is why i am not able to post anything in bug tracker?
  7. So where can I advertise servers that I have been working on?
  8. Is there a way to remove the discord icon at the bottom left of the forum? Thanks
  9. Hey all I have got the new mybb Tesla game Responsive template but I can add it to this site its to large at 53mb is there any way the file size for the mybb section can be increased.
  10. I had an account in this forum a long time, but I had stopped with the platform and forgot my password, I was trying to access to recover the password and only asks for the email of the account, I also do not remember the email how can I to recover my account? thanks for help
  11. We must have pages addon for ipb to make this xml work?
  12. Hi I wanted to know what plugin is used to show Webflakes tweets on the sidebar
  13. Is that webflake Discord integration in the bottom left corner a custom made application/plug-in exclusively for Webflake? How do I get my hands on it? It's dope af
  14. well its stupid to be here and thanks to all want to delete my account and all my contents
  15. So I recently updated my forum IPS to 4.3, But my theme magnum is for 4.2 and it broken on 4.3. I why cant i post in requests for the latest version of the theme?
  16. how can i upload files ?
  17. The Bug Tracker that is used here on WF is that an Application or created as in the Tutorial Section for 4.2? (Which I assume would also work for 4.3). Thanks
  18. Trying to download and its saying i dont have permission its done it a few times not sure why
  19. Hi there good people of WebFlake, About a week ago I joined this lovely community. That has left a positive impression. Yesterday, I wanted to go a bit deeper and join the Discord server. That's where I ran into the following issue in #welcome Seems easy to do so I followed that link. Unfortunately, the page I end up on is mostly blank except for on ad. I guessing it's not supposed to be like this. I've inspected the source code with the usual dev tools, but there doesn't seem to be anything. Is this a known issue? How can move past this hurdle? Your feedback and advice are appreciated.
  20. Why am I unable to download things? I just joined!
  21. Hello WebFlake people !!! I have one Question, why i can't download something ? I don't see or i banned or what? Can i get information how to be approved ?
  22. Why do we have to wait 90 second before downloading any file? o.o
  23. Hello I have a problem . Although I did 5 posts for taking back my Normal Status I can't download everything why ? pls help me Yours Sincerily Eythymios
  24. So I read the FAQs and d'une understand why I need a minimum of posts for requests?
  25. Why is only 4 downloads allowed?