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Found 225 results

  1. Been apart of the webflake community for a while now. I am looking to get some basic , custom work completed. How do I go about getting access to the market to request some development work for my IPB4 website.
  2. I just bought the bundle and tried to download, but says 4.4 ONLY and 4.3 ONLY. I'm using 4.5.4 and honestly, I don't know if 4.4 will work, that why I thought to ask. By the way, nowhere says that is 4.5 uncompatible, if is not, please add a notice..
  3. I purchased the tracker bundle a few years back but the download for the bundle is no longer available. I purchased the pack in November of 2018, order number 169, unsure if I am able to still get the download for these items but it would be nice if I could get the perms to download it. Thanks for any help, I can provide receipts if needed
  4. Hello, I purchased the trackers bundle on 01/30/2020 I went to re-download it under manage purchases and was not able to. Then I went to the store page and the only option there was to repurchase them. Do I need to repurchase the bundle again? Thanks!
  5. Hello, is there a tutorial how to install the Tracker boundle The few instructions to add a database and a page is not enough to have a finished to Tracker as here. Same withe the other 3 scripts. I started with the Bug Tracker but, how to add records in there? Thanks
  6. What theme is Webflake using? And what is the plugin that automatically posts news? Or are they both custom made?
  7. Hey guys i was wondering if you need to manually verify paypal payments or what has happened here, i was trying to buy one of your snow dono's to unlock unlimited downloads
  8. Hi guys, I don't see the "Search" box anymore ... Is it my problem or did you voluntarily remove it?
  9. I purchased the web flake tracker bundle the $25 and I keep getting an infinite downloading will start soon. I can't seem to download the tracker bundle.
  10. Hello to all the higher-ups @ WF. I've been away for a while and have recently returned. Life happened basically but I'm happy to know WF is still here! I have IDM as it makes downloading a bit easier for me... All settings are default right out of the box but it tried to download 2 of the same file I chose to get from this site and now, for some reason the file wasn't even retrieved and it tried to grab the same one twice. Now I'm unable to download anything more.... If I recall correctly I'm allowed 3 files per 24hrs but I can't remember lol Yesterday evening, I was able to grab IPS and one theme with no problem. Any idea how or why this happened? Would it be possible that you'd allow me to grab at least the carbon theme for IPS even though my limit has been reached? That's all I was trying to get this morning... If not, it's okay but I thought I'd mention it. The only thing I can think of is that maybe download managers like IDM conflict with sites similar to this one because of the download limitations that are set in place for its users. Thanks for all you guys do and I hope you, your family and friends stay safe and in good health as we are all going through a difficult time with this darn virus.
  11. Might be a silly question, but is there an RSS feed for files? To be precise RSS feed for the NULLED IPS 4? If so I'd like to get a task in Todoist to upgrade my sites whenever a new version is relased on WebFlake. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I was downloading stuff fine yesterday and then after an hour or so I can't download anything? it tells me I don't have permissions (screenshot http://prntscr.com/oz4p0f). I don't have any warning points and I'm not inactive, the only thing I can think of is that I switch between my home broadband and my portable hotspot for my mobile data so maybe IP change or something? (P.S If you were wondering why I switch between networks, my home broadband is a more stable and consistent speed but my data has faster less consistent speed so downloading stuff is faster)
  13. Will WebFlake be bringing back the Dark Theme? The theme menu seems to have vanished since the latest updates. Thanks.
  14. Why can't I download this file? https://webflake.sx/files/file/5630-acme-theme/ It says "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file." Please help.
  15. I can't download Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file
  16. Had a copy of IPB a while ago from here and something dodgy happened, Got a call form my server manager saying that the domain name is used to spam net/netflex-xxx/3D/master/flowGlobal_wflowCNCE_jsession_master.phpnet/ netflex-xxx/congratulations.php net/netflex-xxx/Warning.php?gnupg_verify=6c615f4299600600b1222c545a1fbc5c And many more. How this could be possible?
  17. I can't download files anymore. Any suggestions what to do?
  18. Hello, I've tried to download the tracker bundle for the 2nd day now and everytime I click on download nothing happens, it says "downloading in seconds" and nothing else happens, doesn't say seconds or anything. Now I've used up all my 3 downloads and can't anything at again and got to wait 24 hours. It's the second day I have to wait 24 hours because it refuses to download and I can't download anything else because of it. I need help... Scratch that, works fine now when I upgraded my account with 100$
  19. Hello , i would like to ask, why is my upload still pending? Is it because you just did not accept it yet or is there any issue why is not accepted?
  20. Hello, I'm writing to the Webflake staff. I am using a custom built-in VPN for the browser I use. Sadly while that option is on, there is no access to this specific website ( Shows as banned) . Is it due to the *IP* restrict app or it is an error? Please assist me.
  21. Does WebFlake have an actual policy of someone sending a link via private message about a request in the IPS Requests. The think takes me to another site that I have pay for that plugin/application. I know the risks of going to another site anyway, but was wondering if WF actually has any policy relating to this. Thank you.
  22. I donated and get WebFlake Trackers 1.0.6.zip but in my IPS can not spicify permission for others group. I saw only administrator likes in pictures. Am I missed something? Now, only administrator can post add new bug, suggestion. I saw in this website tracker member can add it normally. How to fix this in my IPS? Thank you.
  23. Hallo, What ist the pre-loading page that check if user is a bot that WebFlake use? Thanks!
  24. I am not sure if this is possible which is why I am asking as I haven't been able to find any info on it. I use mIRC with several IRC networks I assist in running and join. Can you use mIRC to join Discord and the WF channels? And if so how ... Thanks
  25. I want to make a IPS Requests but i have no option... how do i get access to it ? thanks
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