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Found 16 results

  1. problem logging in. When a user logs in, sometimes another user's account appears. I cannot detect the problem. I just downloaded 4.5.2 from here and I still have the problem I have disabled all plugins and the problem persists. I don't know if it will be a cache problem It occurs with few accounts, you have to press connect several times for the user to connect
  2. can i use IPS 4.4 skin with IPS 4.5 script? i know this is bit stupid question but ye .. i wanna know. i loooking to use IPS 4.4 titan ultimate theme with 4.5.3 IPS script lemme know..
  3. Hello everyone, i was using 4.4.0 for 3 months. I am selling digital keys and give support to my customers. Main issue is, i am getting money from them via bank payment and i need to give them subscription. I set my subscription package as right but main issue is, it doesn’t expire. After 30 days, my customer’s subscription doesn’t over because i am adding them using admin panel. So i thought, maybe it was fixed in ipb 4.5.2, but i am still experiencing same issue. How can i solve this? Is there any check for manually added subscriptions? tlrd: manually added subscribers from admin panel, doesn’t expire. How can i fix this?
  4. had this issue when i installed now i cant find a way to fix it i went to ftp and uninstalled it but still nothing
  5. Hi, After I upgraded to 4.5.2 I have a problem with VK.com Login Handler 3.0.0 print with error http://prntscr.com/umkh59 Thanks for any hints to fix it.
  6. Hi! I was hoping someone with a valid license could help me out with buying an application from the marketplace.
  7. 2S119/1 The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. the error i keep getting ^
  8. Hello guys could someone help me?, when i try to use any new theme i get this white ribbon, how i can fix it? 4.5.1 VERSION
  9. So I'm trying to install this addon to get steam login for my server https://github.com/LavaToaster/IPS-SteamLoginMethod However it is a tar file and invision is asking me to upload .xml file in plugins. What do I do???
  10. How to download app and plugins from the ips market
  11. Hello i need your Help When i Open Simple Member Role id Forum theme everythign working Perfect but when i open Admins or moderator Role id i got My page like this can someone Help me with this Please Please Help me to Fix This .. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  12. Hey, i have downloaded a Forms plugin to my Invision Forum from here, getting this error, i know its built for an older version but i have no idea how i can downgrade my forum version.. also i red about an option to use old plugin / plugin that built for another version by changing something in the DB.. is that possible? any other idea on how i can use this App? or maybe there is another App for forms that i can get for free? Thanks.
  13. Hi, how can i add fields on topic in user profile like IPS version or etc ? My version is 4.5.1 Thanks.
  14. Hi, I've been trying to convert wbb 3.1 to IPB 4.5.1 for a few days now, but I'm having problems. Quotes in the comments come out as plain text. Does anyone have any idea how to fix the quotes? I mean this; Has anyone migrated from wbb 3.1 to ips 4.5.1 ?
  15. Hi there I am using IPS Pages version 4.5.1 right now but I decided to move my contents to Wordpress, Actually I'm using Pages for my home page. I wanna change it to Wordpress and have the contents that I have in Pages Couse it's more than 1000 posts and I do NOT wanna lost them so guys do you a good solution ?? kind regards
  16. Hi, I don't know if anyone has managed to solve this. I am looking for a way to exclude the Widgets when accessing the categories created in pages. For example. If I create a database called Videos and I create a Widget called Latest Videos. When I access any category of Videos (Music) the Widget is shown globally within the category (Music), for example header, footer and sidebar. I just want Latest Videos to show only in Category Template Group but not in Listing Template Group and Display Template Group.
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