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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, anyone know what does this error mean? and maybe a way to fix it? thanks
  2. Hi All, Could you please anyone help me on how to activate or get the plugin for Read that topic popup in 4.4.10. Regards, Dongly007
  3. I looked in the css but I can't seem to find the setting for the font. Anyone knowing where to find it?
  4. Hey Webflake, I have a database on my page, similar to Webflake's Feature Tracker. CONTEXT: My database displays vacancies within the staff team. When you click on a record, I have a button that would take you to the vacancies application form.. and in the database fields I have the following field: However, what I want to do is import the specified URL into my template raw instead of using the result of: {$row->customFieldDisplayByKey('url', 'listing')|raw} Because the above code breaks the button. What I want to do is import just the user's inputted url. (https://*.com/applyhere) instead of what the above line of code imports: <a href='https://rapiermc.com/' target='_blank' rel="noopener">https://*.com/</a> Does anyone know how to do this?
  5. I just saw in some forums that they have the same addons or css modification of their groups/usernames badges and i will like to now the name of the addon or if its a css modification how to do it. I have some screenshots from it.
  6. Hi, so embeded youtube videos aren't working on profiles, but they show up normally on the homepage. (im talking status updates), when I go into the browser inspector i see this error on chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined at HTMLIFrameElement.<anonymous> (plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:74) at Function.each (root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2) at n.fn.init.each (root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2) at baseController.fixIFrame (plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:74) at baseController.setup (plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:71) at baseController.initialize (plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:70) at initControllerOnElem (root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:24) at initializeControllers (root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:6) at Object.init (root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:4) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:33) on firefox it looks different Uncaught TypeError: url is undefined fixIFrame plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:74 each root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 each root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 fixIFrame plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:74 setup plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:71 initialize plugins_plugins.js.ee12d5c4fb780ba21ea97c56c50cebb2.js?v=026d4e282a:70 initControllerOnElem javascript_global/root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:24 initializeControllers javascript_global/root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:6 init root_framework.js.4887188d50831ab1223af99dbdca508c.js?v=026d4e282a:4 createModule root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:33 i root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 fireWith root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 ready root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 J root_library.js.42febadb6efe9de0f59ab31fac23e9d8.js?v=026d4e282a:2 It seems that posting a Youtube video, breaks the whole javascript of the profile page, so even the menu at the top for the notifications, pms, etc is broken. Anyone knows what this is about? Thank you for any help
  7. Hello good night friends, i would like if someone knows or can tell me how to activate these options, I will leave a marked photo here. https://imgur.com/u86CiJ2 I've already been watching but nothing takes me to activate these options, i don't want to update the forum, nor do I want to receive the damn message. the message I can remove but it is in the bell, and then it is in the part where it says system that has a new update. so i wanted to ask for help please sorry for my bad english i use google translator.
  8. Trying to change the Navigation icons with FaIcons for the drop down menu in navigation. I currently have this for the primary .ipsNavBar_primary #elNavSecondary_43 a:before{ content: "\f133"; } But when I go to a drop down menu and try to change the icon for that as well it breaks the drop down menu. I am using Fline by Veilon
  9. Hello, this is my first topic and I am now starting to use IPS ... Currently when you open a topic the user's photo is small (not in the original dimension of the photo) and round. I've tried to change this everywhere, even a plugin or something !! but I couldn't. I come here to ask you for help. Question: How to modify the user's photo size in a post (leave it in the original photo size)
  10. how to allow more extensions.. example if i upload videos so i can add many kind of extensions not only in mp4 . so that video would be also viewable in forums thanks.
  11. Hello, I don't know much about IPS 4.4 so I'm here for ask a Help. That's it. i bought a domain and set it as default. Now I don't see style graphics and some ACP graphics, A friend of mine told me i need to do "reCache" or "reBuild" the Theme. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, I get this error message when trying to add my game server using my domain: The domain forwards to and when I add my game server using that ip it works but it doesn't work when I try adding it using the domain.
  13. I changed in payment settings to EUR, but on the page still shows USD
  14. So recently when users paste a link from Facebook and Instagram they don't automatically embed and instead an error saying "The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on www.instagram.com." appears... did FB and IG change something??? will it be fixed if I update the IPB software? I haven't changed anything about the software before the error started appearing. Thank you
  15. Hey, I've been searching recently for a way to use IPS framework, PHP and HTML in a newly created page, unfortunately I couldn't find a way. Detailed: I've created a new page using ACP and my idea was to put there my User Control Panel that I made, it includes HTML, CSS and PHP. Everything began ok before I realise PHP is not supported in pages. IPS framework works great with HTML, but PHP shows as plain text when browsing the page. Example: <?php $dbIP = "localhost"; $dbUsername = "dbusername"; $dbPassword = "dbpass"; $dbName = "dbname"; $con = new mysqli($dbIP,$dbUsername,$dbPassword,$dbName); ?> // Here I gather the profile picture of loaded user with id 83 - this works fine // {{$loadedMember = \IPS\Member::load( 83 );}} {{$picUrl = $loadedMember->photo;}} <td class='avatar'><img src='{$picUrl}' /></td> // Now I'm tring to output the name of a user - doesn't work - read text after code box // <td class="nickname"><?php echo $row['nick']; ?></td> So, the main problem is PHP doesn't work in pages and when I open the page I've created, it shows the PHP code as plain text. Thanks in advance for any help. EDIT: I didn't add mysql queries that I execute to gather the nickname. The only problem is showing php as a plain text.
  16. Hello everyone, anybody knows how do I add new topics into chatbox? Every new thread made will show up in shoutbox like "Nickname has posted Thread Title"
  17. hey y'all, so some how my members group got deleted and after I tried to create it under 'Members' every time I try registering a test account it put it in a different group. Does IPBoard store a default group setting in the database somewhere? Would upgrading fix this? [Edit]:I think I accidentally renamed the 'Members' group to the current group that it's putting new registered users into.
  18. I want to edit this text but I can't find where is placed... I want to change (0 Visits to this link)
  19. Hello, How could I add the navigation bar to the donation page? It currently looks like this:
  20. We have a couple of deleted users which created a new account and we want to merge their old post with their new account. The old names are like "Guest John" and new account is John. Now with Xenforo this seems rather easy because the deleted user gets a seperate number like "deleted user xxx" where xxx is (if I'm correct) the deleted user number, for example 65 foro 65th deleted user. Ofcourse the Guest John gets user_id 0 which all guest users have. So I found a thread on Xenforo how to first replace the old username (guest John) with John and afterwards change refer the post id's of the deleted user to the existing user. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to there, so I will post the commands. Like this: UPDATE `xf_post` SET `username` = replace(username, 'Deleted member 16', 'Horace')
  21. Hey! I have cloudflare in front of my website. The problem is that at most cases the members have the CF IP logged instead of their real IP. From the past i know that its needed to add a line of code to some config file, but i dont know which and where.
  22. hello, sorry for dump question but witch one file edit this one? (how to remove it)
  23. Hi, the plugin profile songs is cool but i dont have much space on my webhost and i dont want them to upload, i want to let them paste only url, u see where im getting? how to disable uploading? thank you very much
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