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Found 17 results

  1. i want to add payssion payments on my website but idont know how to do this ! which plugin supports it . if anyone know please help
  2. Hi, In the ACP, on the sitemap categorie I can see this red message : ( it's mean : Please, put a valid URL for the file sitemap.php ) So I went on the URL : And I see this page. : This page does not work We are unable to process this request via *****.online at this time. S I went in the file and I have the sitemap.php at the main folder ( public_html ) Btw it say syyntax error ? why? Thanks you for helping me Update : I fixed the syntax misstake. but the still map is still unvalid
  3. Hello. I want ask about tips/help with making custom button on members profile or in ACP member profile to empty database record "HWID" for selected member. Thank you for help
  4. hey guys i have some isues with discord sidebar screenshot added anyone know how to fix it i already removed it and install again not working
  5. any one know why this happens after installing ipbs all these get deleted i try to install it many times get the same issue
  6. When I was setting up the titles for staff Directory, the titles would only apply to one column instead of two and I'm unable to set multiple custom titles another problem is when I change the custom titles the group colour user names links stop working.
  7. I have a problem, I need to export the content of my topics to a website that I am doing ... the problem is that the content that is exported does not show the html tags, therefore not even the magnets are visible. My RSS Feed look like this: i dont know why html tags dont show.. i tried with ipb 3.4 and it works he show all html tags with images, etc. any solution?
  8. im trying to create a basic application that uses invision community. i started by following this guide https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/members-authentication/developing-single-sign-on-sso-integration-r65/ i implemented the code here <?php require 'init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); /* Print the user's name */ print \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->name; ?> its in the same directory as invisions root, so it acquires init.php fine. but even if im logged in i get no returned name. i also tried printing out the member class like so <?php require 'init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); print_r(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()); ?> all this return is the timezone stdClass Object ( [timezone] => America/Guatemala ) what am i doing wrong? i do see that the article is 2015 but i cant seem to find any better or newer examples off of invisioncommunity website? thank you
  9. Greetings, I have an "issue" with my invoices and threads, I had to delete all my invoices due to organization, same with my threads, but it left this annoying issue with the "ID". I had around +60 invoices, which I deleted manually, but now each new invoice created will be continued from that id which is 60, same goes for threads. Is there a way to rebuild/fix that?
  10. Hello, I currently have a custom data field via Rules Automation which allows for the input of an IMDb ID and I'm wanting to automatically send a notification of duplicate content. I'm needing a custom PHP rule where if string 1 exists already in database a notification is sent to the user. I'm currently using Rules Automation as a condition: String 1 is the same as String 2 but again I need the php to select string 2. I'm happy to pay for the help on this. Thanks.
  11. Hi, im a newbie and gonna create a php API for update groups & secondary groups for my forum using IPS 4.4.10. It's work well with 'groups' params but 'secondaryGroups' were not update while api call. Can you help me explaint what type of 'secondaryGroups' call? Invision Power Suite Rest API Document is defined as array, i've try many ways but still can't make it. Here is my code: https://pastebin.com/cs5avdx3 and the pictures of result while my api call.
  12. I have a large xenforo website, I am trying to conversion it to IPS, but when I add the paths, its says their incorrect and nothing happens. so what I have is home/usersname/public_html in the top block - I can't find any information on how to conversion to ips from xenforo Any help would be greatful.
  13. Hello guys, sorry for the stupid question, maybe it is something much easier than I thought. Can you please explain how does the RSS work ? I went on System-Content Discovery-RSS Feeds, I created a new RSS for calendar events. Then when I click on the RSS symbol at the end of the page, here is the result I get: What am I doing wrong ? Probably RSS work in a different way, because the page I get is totally useless. Thanks for your help!
  14. Hi everyone, I have a forum and an Windows application I would now like this application to be able to connect to my forum to authenticate users (with the same login interface as my forum, username+password, facebook, twitter etc.). 1/ I'm a user of forum and i start the Windows application. 2/ There is the login window (the same as my forum) and I'm connecting to it 3/ Then my application is authenticated with user. Can you give me some advice on the right way to do this on Invision Community side ? Thanks
  15. Hello everyone, Every time I go to templates, I click new, add new css file and I fill out the name and then click Save, it says Saved. However every time I click under the CSS tab, it takes me back to the HTML tab. I've tried uninstalling and then installing pages again but the issue persist.
  16. hello, sorry for dump question but witch one file edit this one? (how to remove it)
  17. Hi, the plugin profile songs is cool but i dont have much space on my webhost and i dont want them to upload, i want to let them paste only url, u see where im getting? how to disable uploading? thank you very much
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