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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, i changed my URL ( to "for example" ), and after do this process, the ips downloads doesn't change the URL in topic ( it has a create topic automatilly ). My question is, is there a way to do a process to it change all topic URL automatilly ? Or is there necessary to move to file in ips download and update it ? thank you
  2. I want to edit my IPB theme, even if i just remove one letter of an class it says: Could anyone help me what to do? Getting a bit clueless.
  3. Hi guys, i'm trying to create wiki looklike page, similiar to Can someone throw few quick steps how to begin, i guess its being created via pages? Thanks
  4. flay

    IPS 4.2 topic image

    Hi, I would like to know how to change this image to one of my liking. I took a look at various topic I did not find I would like to know how to change the last bar to maron which is currently gray
  5. Kenroytk

    IPS 4.2 MyBB > IPB

    Can i transfer MyBB posts and Threads to IPB?
  6. There appears to be a problem with your FTP () storage settings which can cause problems with uploads. After attempting to upload a file to the directory, the URL to the file is returning a HTTP 403 error. Update your settings and then check and see if the problem has been resolved
  7. Hello all! I'm the brand and UI designer of a rather popular 3D animation program based on the game Minecraft, and as part of ongoing efforts to redesign the program and the associated websites, I'm working on building a new theme for its community forums. I designed an icon set for the program and I'd like to use it across the forums as well, instead of the default option of using FontAwesome. Thus, I'd like to know if there was any way to integrate a custom iconfont in a theme and use it instead of FA. Thanks in advance for your help!