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WebFlake 5.6.1

Released 03/09/2021

Key Changes

  • New forum category: Unsupported Software
    • This category will contain all software and versions that we no longer provide official support for.
    • Various software-specific forums will still be available so that we don't lose valuable information collected over the years.
    • These forums are provided as a courtesy only.
  • New file category: Unsupported Software
    • Serves the same purpose as the forum category. Maintained for archival purposes only.
  • WebFlake officially drops support for WordPress.
  • Invision Community Suite 4.3 (otherwise known as IPS 4.3) has been deprecated and moved to Unsupported Software.
    • While we realize that some users are hesitant to upgrade to 4.5, we strongly encourage those users to consider migrating to 4.4 at the minimum.
  • Adjusted several CSS styles for sub-forums to be in line with their parent categories.

Additional Information

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