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WebFlake 5.6.0

Released 03/07/2021

Key Changes

  • Our Member rank has been renamed to Regular
    • This is in response to some terminology on the site that confuses people between member and Member.
    • The ranks of Newbie and Novice are now colloquially referred to as "members" while Regular, Veteran, Legend, and Immortal are referred to as "advanced members". You'll see these terms used often on our Discord.
    • There are going to be some references to the old "Member" rank on the site. Please report the post so that we can correct them.
  • DISCORD: Our #support channel has returned but with a whole new set of caveats.
    • All users that have linked their Discord account to their WebFlake account will have read access of our #support channel.
    • Only Advanced Members and above will have access to chatting in our #support channel.
      • This means you will need at least fifty (50) posts to send messages in our #support channel.
      • We made this decision to combat a growing issue that plagued our Discord server before where people used Discord exclusively. We want to continue to encourage the use of this forum. Discord is a convenience and a privilege that can be revoked at any time.
    • There will be a support topic feed added to the #support channel so that even if you do not have access to chat, your topic will still be visible.
    • Support will NOT be provided in any channel other than #support, no matter how trivial the question. If you use another channel you will receive a warning and after three warnings, you'll be removed from our Discord server, permanently.
    • When using our #support channel, if a you don't receive an answer and would like to resubmit your question OR if you weren't satisfied with the first answer given, you must link to a support topic that you've created on the forums before submitting your question in chat again.
      • This rule is designed to ensure everyone gets a fair shake and that you're not just spamming the channel.
    • Please remember that our Discord server was launched with the intention of bringing the community together for organic interaction, not as a supplementary support service. If you're using our Discord server exclusively to gain support or beg for files, you're going to find yourself banned in a short amount of time. Be better.
  • DISCORD: Added the new Advanced Member role on Discord. As mentioned above, Advanced Members consist of the Regular, Veteran, Legend, and Immortal forum ranks while the basic Member role consists of the Newbie and Novice forum ranks.

Additional Information

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