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WebFlake 5.5.1

Released 12/09/2020

Key Changes

  • DISCORD: Added new command: !support
    • Primarily for mod use but available to all users.
    • Intended to be used to remind someone that support is not provided via Discord. The bot will also post relevant links to support forums.
    • This is not an encouragement to mini-mod other users. Be respectful and use it when someone is lost.
  • DISCORD: Being that our Discord server is a community server, our bot has been configured to delete messages with offensive or profane content and also issue a warning, otherwise known as an infraction.
    • Infractions are counted over the span of 180 days, effectively creating a new cycle. Infractions remain but you would need to incur X number of infractions in the span of 6 months to trigger an automated account penalty.
    • 2 infractions will incur a temporary mute for 24 hours.
    • 3 infractions will incur a temporary ban for 3 days.
    • 4 infractions will incur a permanent ban.
    • Consider your first infraction a warning.
    • Infractions can still be issued manually by Staff at their discretion.
  • Added Staff activity feed to index sidebar.
  • Added Discord widget to index sidebar.
  • 2020 has been a rough year. Spread a little love with our new love reaction.
    • "Love" is really just a recolored variant of the old "Like" reaction.
    • "Like" is now a thumbs-up icon, using the original color.
    • react_love.png react_like_new.png

Additional Information

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