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WebFlake 5.5.0

Released 12/07/2020

Key Changes

  • DISCORD: Guess who's back, back again. Discord's back, tell a friend.
    • As before, you'll need to link your Discord account to your WebFlake account to gain access to all channels.
      • See the #verify channel for a tutorial to link your accounts.
      • Summary: head to Account Settings, select Discord on the left, then click the big blue Login with Discord button. Follow the prompts.
    • There's been a slight overhaul of our new Discord server
      • New category separators.
      • New channel icons.
      • #news-updates and #giveaways are followable channels.
      • #welcome contains server information and rules.
      • #showcase has been added for anyone to show off their projects.
      • Our Discord server is now a community server. NSFW content is strictly prohibited.
      • There is no support channel. Support will only be provided here on the forums.
      • More updates to follow.
    • In addition to our Community Guidelines, we have a few rules established on Discord:
      1. Keep it civil. No personal attacks, hate speech, or otherwise offensive language.
      2. Content generally accepted as NSFW (with extent of language up to Moderator discretion) and anything remotely like it is not allowed in any capacity. A clear intent to post such may result in an immediate ban without warning.
      3. Don't promote or advertise anything without prior moderator approval. In addition, solicitation, buying, trading or selling of goods and services is not permitted.
      4. Don't spam. This includes, but is not limited to: unnecessarily tagging any user or group, sending excessive amounts of messages or emoji at once or constant use of capital letters. 
      5. Support is not provided anywhere on this server. If you have a question, need assistance, or want to hire someone for your project, you need to use the appropriate forums on the website.
      6. If a moderator asks you to stop something, you should stop. Just because something isn't explicitly outlined in the rules doesn't mean Moderators aren't going to use their own discretion.
      • Please note that the above list of rules is not comprehensive. Staff reserves the right to remove content or ban users as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the server or to the experience of others. Any content that lowers the server's user experience can and will be removed. Ignorance of these rules does not excuse breaking them, nor does responding to someone that breaks them by doing so yourself. Use common sense.
    • Chatbox will remain available for those not interested in using our Discord server.
  • New Christmas theme added.
    • Snowfall, snow piles, and a few other Christmas-y effects have been added.
    • Christmas rank icons have returneed.
    • Santa is saying "hello" from the sidebar!
  • Retired Staff is now a primary role again. New color, new rank icon.
    • Don't worry, they still gain access to our donator tiers as a parting gift!
  • Added a Retired Staff list to our Staff page: https://webflake.sx/staff/
  • Old feature but worth mentioning: you can review all recent Staff activity on the following discovery page (located under the Activity tab):
  • Updated some aesthetics to the Application page.
    • We are accepting applications for Junior Moderators, Experts, and Contributors!
  • Files tab on user profiles has been disabled. It's just redundant.
  • Moods application has been disabled. If there is enough demand in the future, it may return.

Additional Information

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