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WebFlake 5.4.0

Released 08/15/2020

Key Changes

  • Discord is no longer available — see Additional Information below.
  • Added Chatbox+ to the front page. We'll be altering permissions and feature sets over the next few days/weeks.
    • Added additional styling to the Chatbox to match the overall theme (thanks @Jeffrey).
    • As before, all groups can view the chatbox but only Novice (15 posts or more) can chat.
  • Added preliminary support for additional language translations

Additional Information

At this time, WebFlake does not have an active Discord and will not have an active Discord until further notice. We were not "shut down" or forced to close our server. This was a unilateral decision made by administration and not the Staff team collectively. A significant factor in the decision is the wedge that using the Discord service has driven between our community, forcing members to defer to Discord instead of using our forums for support and discussion. The addition of the Chatbox is an effort to provide some form of a live chat service and we will likely allow private rooms and group messaging in the future. 

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