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WebFlake 5.3.2

Released 07/07/2020

Key Changes

  • Added several new name and email restrictions to filter out racist content. Do better people.
  • Maintenance on our email services has completed. All mailing will function normally again at a much more rapid pace.
    • It's worth noting that we have a second transactional email address that you may want to add to your contacts: [email protected]
  • Condensed and simplified warning reasons. Moderators will now be issuing in-depth reasoning for warnings that they issue. No more canned responses.
    • This also marks the beginning of some changes to our Community Guidelines that will see a number of antiquated rules removed.
  • Adjusted warning penalties. First one is free. Two points or more incurs penalties as they were. 10 points is still an automatic ban.
  • Content is now cached for five (5) minutes for Guests

Additional Information

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