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WebFlake 5.2.2

Released 02/21/2020

Key Changes

  • WebFlake Ink is now live. Your eyes may rest easy now.
    • Continued updates are being made to this theme. Feel free to suggest changes via our Suggestions Tracker.
    • Report any bugs you find with this theme via our Bug Tracker.
    • Please be mindful when copy/pasting content from other sites, particularly from the Invision Marketplace when submitting files, and remove text backgrounds. You may need to manually format the content yourself and doing so will save Staff a lot of time fixing it for you. If you submit a post that is an absolute eyesore because of text backgrounds and unreadable font colors, it will be removed.
  • Added GIPHY support to the CKEditor.
    • You'll find the GIF button directly beside the emoji button.
    • We currently don't have a filter on anything but use common sense.
  • You will now be informed that you've reached your daily download limit instead of seeing a generic "you aren't permitted to download" error.

Additional Information

We have an active flash sale that ends on February 29th. Use FLASH40 at checkout to take a whopping 40% off your purchase via our Store!

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