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WebFlake 5.2.0

Released 02/19/2020

Key Changes

  • Updated outstanding necessary edits for references to Uploader/Support Team.
  • Updated several outdated apps/plugins.
  • Restricted content access for Guests in Support/Tutorial forums.
    • Topic titles are viewable but the content of the first post and all replies are not.
    • Bots are not restricted to avoid SEO penalties.
  • Updated our Q&A Challenges to be less complex.
  • Disabled the following apps/plugins:
    • Chatbox+
    • Copy Code to Clipboard
    • Group Formatting in Mention
  • Added new Staff directories for Designers and Developers on our Staff page.
  • DISCORD: #general is now open to all users, which means you do not need to have your accounts linked to chat.
    • You'll need to link your Discord account to your WebFlake account to use any other channels, including #support.
    • If you violate our Discord server's rules at any time, as an unlinked user, you'll be permanently banned from Discord. Zero tolerance policy.
  • DISCORD: Discord linking/syncing is now functional.
    • You'll see what appears to be a mass exodus of users from the server that are really just users being retroactively banned by the system.
  • DISCORD: Our #downloads-feed channel will only populate new submissions after those submissions are approved.

Additional Information

We're continuing to update some outdated systems and are in the process of cobbling together a likely-temporary dark theme while Jeffrey designs a theme for the future of the site.

We have an active flash sale that ends in a few days. Use FLASH40 at checkout to take a whopping 40% off your purchase via our Store!

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