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WebFlake 5.1.0

Released 07/26/2019

Key Changes

  • We've repealed our Inactivity Policy. All users have been moved to the appropriate usergroup based on their content count.
    • If you believe you are in the wrong group, please contact a Senior Moderator or Administrator directly.
      • Newbie is our entry-level group.
      • Novice requires 15 posts.
      • Regular requires 50 posts.
      • Veteran requires 150 posts.
      • Legend requires 500 posts.
      • Immortal requires 1,000 posts.
  • Due to a bug with the default group promotion system, we're currently using a third-party application to handle group promotions. As a result, group promotions are processed only after a user creates new content — status updates, file submissions, responses to topics, new topics, etc. We're working to restore default functionality as soon as possible.
  • DISCORD: Updated user roles in accordance with changes to usergroups on the site.
  • Miscellaneous: we bumped our last release to a first-point release (4.6.0 to 5.0) to better reflect the substantial change to our memberships on the site.

Additional Information

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