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WebFlake 5.0.0

Released 07/24/2019

Key Changes

  • WebFlake now supports Font Awesome 5.
    • Changed FA icon for Administrators.
    • Added several new icons for usergroups and various areas on the site.
  • Renamed Support Team to Expert.
    • This decision was made largely because the name suggested that members of this group were obligated to provide support. The actual purpose of Experts is to distinguish authenticity from copy/pasted responses or un/educated guesses. Experts will retain some of the moderation privileges that the group originally had but are no longer considered a part of our team and are merely users who have proven to possess a fair amount of knowledge for any of our supported software.
  • Renamed Uploader to Contributor.
    • Name, icon, and color are subject to change.
    • "Uploader" just didn't fit in the context of how the role was used.
  • New Staff Role: Designer
    • Designers will have access to themes exclusively, no moderation abilities. Their responsibilities include enhancements to our layout, branding, etc.
  • New Staff Role: Developer
    • Developers will oversee technical aspects such as troubleshooting site errors, modifying and creating apps/plugins, or assisting with general "coding".
  • Automatic Moderation has been enabled. Content that is reported for spam by five (5) unique members will be hidden and marked for review by moderators.
  • We've overhauled our non-donator ranks based on the current landscape and usability.
    • We've added two new ranks: Novice and Immortal.
    • "Advanced Members" has been renamed to "Veteran".
    • "Legendary" has been shortened to "Legend".
    • Massive increase to download speeds.
    • Substantially reduced wait times before downloading as well as reducing flood control on searches.
    • Several ranks now have an increased number of daily downloads.
    • Legend and Immortal now have access to features like animated profile photos, cover photos, and signatures.
    • Posts required for each rank is as follows:
      • Novice: 15 posts
      • Member: 50 posts
      • Veteran: 150 posts
      • Legend: 500 posts
      • Immortal: 1,000 posts
    • Review the updated ranks and permissions on our donation page, here: https://webflake.sx/donate
  • Added a new forum containing RSS feeds to official product updates for Invision Community, XenForo, and WordPress.
  • Chatbox is now available to the Novice rank and above.

Additional Information

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