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WebFlake 4.5.0

Released 07/04/2019

Key Changes

  • Removed Suggestions widget from sidebar.
  • Today's Birthdays no longer includes Inactive Members.
  • Adjusted several permissions for all ranks. You can review current permissions on our donation page, here: https://webflake.sx/donate
  • Added Store Featured Products to sidebar.
  • Added small margin to footer links.
  • Changed Site Questions to WebFlake Support.
    • This is a result of so many non-WebFlake questions.
    • Posting questions regarding your personal site in WebFlake Support will likely result in a warning.
  • Blizzard now uses a FA4 icon for the plus symbol.
  • New Donator tier: Vortex
  • Redesigned the Vortex group name style (will change again in the future).
  • Added new Chatbox to site index.
    • This is not meant to be a replacement for Discord, which will remain our priority as a chat feature. We understand that many of our users do not use Discord or have no interest in using Discord, so we're offering a small compromise.
    • Links and images are not permitted in the chatbox.
    • We do not allow support requests, links to support topics, or file requests in the chatbox.
      • You get one Educational Warning for violating the above. If you do it again, you'll be banned from the chatbox permanently.
    • Currently, the Chatbox is only available to Advanced Members and above. This means you'll need at least 50 posts to chat.
      • Newbies and Members can still view the chatbox.
    • You can post a message once every 10 seconds, with a maximum of 500 characters, including up to five emoticons.

Additional Information

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