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WebFlake 4.4.4

Released 06/05/2019

Key Changes

  • Updated group colors on user link.
  • Group formatting now applies to mentions.
  • Added sidebar advertisement.
  • Disabled IPS Beta forum (at least until the next major IPS release).
  • Removed 4.2 prefix from IPS Support.
  • Added a monthly donation goal to the sidebar.
  • Account deletion requests now require a reason; it's no longer optional.
    • Per GDPR guidelines, if you have purchased from our Store or have a pending transaction, you will not be able to submit a request for account deletion.
    • See GPDR Rec.30; Art.7(1)(c) for more details.
  • Added Language as a new profile field. While we will always be an English-only forum, this will at least assist users with identifying how to translate their messages with someone who clearly doesn't use English as their primary language. Please use our Suggestions Tracker to suggest new languages.

Additional Information

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