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WebFlake 4.4.1

Released 04/17/2019

Key Changes

  • Added a new Moods system.
    • Users can update their "mood" or how they're "feeling" via the Mood icon in the user nav. Guidelines still apply to any text added to your mood.
  • Added new Advertising packages to the WebFlake Store.
    • We offer two-week and one-month options for header or footer ads.
  • Any user that is still using a disposable / throwaway email will now be forced to change their email (previously they were just prompted to change the email).
  • Updated our Support Departments to better reflect the needs of our Blizzard tier users and our Staff team.
  • Ads will now display for Frost tier donators.
  • Removed a large number of pages from possible search options.

Additional Information

We're currently offering a special for all items available in our store.

With code AD20 you can take 20% off everything for a limited time.

Stay tuned for more updates as we have a handful of major new additions still to come!

You can catch up on some of our discussions regarding new features, here: https://webflake.sx/topic/28800-upcoming-major-features-changes/

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