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WebFlake 4.4.0

Released 03/16/2019

Key Changes

  • Added new General Discussions forum category.
    • New forum: Gaming
      • For everything gaming-related, such as new games, game reviews, clans, eSports, etc.
    • New forum: Entertainment
      • Discuss TV, movies, music, and sports.
    • New forum: Cryptocurrency
      • Give or get advice on Bitcoin. Discuss trends or new investments with new currency.
    • New forum: Technology
      • iOS and Mac, Android, PC builds, etc.
    • New forum: Member Contests & Giveaways
      • Create contests or giveaways for your fellow members to participate in.
    • Off-topic Lounge and Member Introductions have been moved to the General Discussions category.
    • All posts in the Off-topic Lounge have been archived to accommodate the new forum additions.
    • Speaking of archives, our Archives forum is now part of the WebFlake category.
  • We've updated some forum permissions for all users:
    • Hosting forum, previously known as "Servers", can now be used to discuss any and all hosting, including offering hosting recommendations.
      • We will still delete threads and warn users that exploit this forum to advertise their own reseller hosting.
    • Website Showcase forum no longer requires Staff approval for new threads. Members and above can create new threads; all users can respond. Members are now permitted to advertise their site, seek Staff, or continue asking for reviews.
  • All forums now have a unique forum icon.
  • We've made some changes to our navigation menu:
    • Downloads is its own tab now.
    • Reordered all tabs to better suit member needs.
  • Added a new Trackers hub: https://webflake.sx/trackers/
  • Blocked the usage of throwaway/temporary emails.
    • WebFlake no longer allows the use of throwaway or temporary emails and we've begun pruning members that are using them. As a courtesy, any member with five posts or more has had their email updated to a dummy email. If you're still using a throwaway or temporary email, you need to change it immediately.
  • Improved and updated our CloudFlare service, complete with a rough draft for a redirect.
  • Added new colored notifications.
  • DISCORD: Added new reminder message in #support.
  • DISCORD: Adjusted several channel permissions to limit non-member access.

Additional Information

Welcome to the beginning of a new WebFlake!

Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a handful of updates with 4.4.x that will lead up to our 5.0 release which will unveil an overhauled member system.

These updates will be focused on promoting community and friendship — all while still providing you with the latest and safest content.

You can catch up on some of our discussions regarding new features, here: https://webflake.sx/topic/28800-upcoming-major-features-changes/

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